Xyience nox cg3 review

xyience nox cg3

I paid approximately $120 for Xyience NOX-CG3 Blueberry.

The product was an excellent energy source before workout, probably one of the better pre-workout supplements I've taken. Would be outstanding for competing in a sport or doing muscular endurance training.

As far as building muscle goes, it lacked enough creatine to really give a huge gain. The NO in the supplement also had a mild effect in comparison with simliar products. Overall good for competing in sports or endurance training, other than that look to other products for building muscle.

I prefered NO-Xplode stacked with Nitrix, Cell Mass, and a multi-vitamin.

I will give this supplement a 4 out of 5.

- Review submitted by Daniel

*Editors Note*

This product is from a company called "Xyience" who are located out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

This product is a pre workout supplement that currently sells for $70.00 USD for 780 grams. Each 13 gram serving contains the following:

• 22.5 calories
• 4.5 grams carbohydrates - 4 grams of fibre
• 2.5 grams creatine
• 6 grams polydextrose
• 1.5 grams arginine and ornithine
• 1.5 grams glutamine
• 1.5 grams taurine

There are approximately 60 servings in one 780 gram container that will cost you $1.16 USD per serving. The calorie count is pretty low at 22, making this supplement an ideal chioce for calorie reduced diets. There is only 4.5 grams of carbohydrates, most of which is coming from fibre. Most of this fibre is coming from polydextrose, which is a derivative of the simple sugar, dextrose. Polydextrose is used worldwide for low sugar diets. It's not a sugar but has the properties of a simple sugar. It's actually more of a fibre than a carbohydrate.

I'm assuming that Xyience is using polydextrose as it's main transport system for it's ingredients, especially the creatine. Does polydextrose have the mimicking properties of insulin? I can't seem to find any study that suggests that it does. What I have found, suggests that polydextrose does not get absored into the body but is largely secreted, which explains why it is more of a fibre than carbohydrate.

I'm not sure what affect this has on the body but I'm not convinced that polydextrose will take the place of good ole' dextrose as a transport system. Even Cunnilin might have made a better choice.

At $1.16 per serving, this doesn't seem very cost effective to me. There are cheaper products out there that provide more creatine, arginine, glutamine per serving and have better transport systems other than polydextrose.


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