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APT's Pro Wrist Straps - Alan Thomas - Owner

Why wrist straps?

In order to build muscle, you need the right weight lifting apparel and tools. Building muscle is like building a house. You need the right tools in order to get the job done. Wrist straps should be included in your aresenal of tools when it comes to heavy weight training. I've always felt that wrist straps are an important tool when it comes to hoisting a ton of weight.

Use wrist straps when your grip fails. I use wrist straps on heavy shrugs and rowing because itÂ’s usually my grip that gives out first. It shouldn't be the grip that gives out first but the muscle you are actually working. That's why it's imperative to find quality wrist straps that are tough, sturdy, and comfortable. Quality wrist straps are quite useful when you need to handle heavy, gripping weight.

It is also necessary to find wrist straps that don't scrap and bruise your wrists. If you use a pair of cheap wrist straps that cut into your hands, it will hinder your performance since you will be training under a great deal of pain. I know this because I've trained with bad wrist straps and beleive me, it's not a good training experience.

This brings me to APT's Pro Wrist Straps. Alan Thomas, the owner of APT's Pro Wrist Straps has come up with a premier wrist strap and beleive me, this isn't your average wrist strap! This wrist strap has got everything you need in a quality wrist strap. Mr. Thomas has taken the ordinary wrist strap and has created a product that is 100 times better and is light years ahead of any other wrist strap on the market today!

APT Pro Wrist Straps has the largest selection of custom built wrist straps today. APT Pro Wrist Straps come in hundreds of different color combinations and numerouse styles, designs, strengths, widths, lengths and material. This particular wrist strap is one of the most comfortable wrist strap on the market today so you can Kiss those bruised and pinched wrists goodbye. The material is both softer and stronger than any other material out there.

As well as being one of the most comfortable wrist straps going tody they are also very tough and strong. These wrist straps have been known to support thousands of pounds! APT sells to some of the strongest athletes in the world including top level bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen/woman, and weight lifters.

APT also has a nice feature called Anti Slip. If you have ever lifted a significant amount of weight, you'll know that 8 times out of 10, ordinary lifting straps will slip off the bar. Not so with APT Pro Wrist Straps. The material is a cotton based and has been added to the nylon and poly material straps. It is basically a 6" to 8" peice of thin cotton material that is placed exactly where your strap contacts the bar. This gives the strength of the nylon and poly as well as the adhesive power of cotton straps.

You can get Weight Lifting Wrist Straps in several different materials. Cotton, Nylon, Leather, Polypropylene, Polyester, Canvas and a few others, but these are the main ones. There are many other Lifting Strap devices out there on the market.

Hooks, clamp type devices, Velcro fixed straps to name a few. APT does not get into these "HOOK Lifting Strap" contraption type devices. They might be great products and work well, but APT believes that your BASIC "NOOSE" style Weight Lifting Wrists Strap is the way to go.

Not only can you choose from a wide selection of ready made wrist straps but you can also customize your very own set of lifting straps according to your own preferences. Do you have a logo or design in mind? No problem. APT will have your logo emroidered on the straps along with your favorite color and design.

Everybody lifts with different poundages. Some of the big boys out there have HUGE wrists while other smaller lifters have small wrists. This means that a real thick strap is not the way to go if you have small wrists as you will have too much strap wrapped in your hands if you have small hands. On the other hand, you might like the thick wrap of the strap in your hands if you do have small hands as it gives you extra grip area and makes for a "thicker bar" so to speak.

Do not totally believe it when advertisers say, "Use this strap because it does not give you a thick bulky wrap between your hands and the bar.. It's like it's not even there.,"..That's why you MUST use OUR Lifting strap" Well, some like it thicker and some would benefit from a thicker strap and they don't even know it.

Try this yourself!! Grab a little skinny bar with a lot of weight on it and pull it up off the ground, then grab a thicker bar with the same amount of weight on it and now you can see the difference. More area to grip your hands on, more of a circumference to wrap your fingers around and thus, the more control and power you have of the bar. Why do you think that companies are starting to make thicker barbell and dumbbell handles.

I would recommend APT Pro Wrist Straps to anyone out there who is into weight training. This product is strong, durable, and comfortable. APT wrist straps will help keep the weight where it should be, on the muscle.

Building Muscle 101 gives APT Pro Wrist Straps a solid



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