Building Muscle 101's Weight Training Tip Of The Week

Every week, building muscle 101 will provide it's readers unique and interesting weight training tips that you can use in your program.

These tips will provide you with some extra knowledge that I know will be of valuable use to you and your training program.

These weight training tips will focus on all aspects of weight training such as nutrition and techniques that you can incorporate into your weight training program.

Simply click on the links below to be taken to the weight training tip of the week.

October 3/06

Alternating repetition speed

Did you know you can almost double your intensity levels with a slight adjustment in your training technique? Try this neat little trick the next time you are in the gym. You will be surprised at the results.

December 3/06

Setting Realistic Goals

I'm going to be honest with you, if your not setting realistic goals for yourself, your setting yourself up for failure. Check this tip out to find out how you can immediately improve your performance at the gym using these simple little techniques.

March 7/07

Pre Workout Energy

Trying to workout when you are completely zapped of energy is never any fun, in fact, it can be counterproductive and beleive it or not, open your body up to injury.

Here's a simple tip to do if you find you have no energy when you go to the gym.

March 17/07

Simple Trick To Boost Biceps Growth!

This is a neat little trick. However, this tip works.

Try this little biceps trick the next time your in the gym - You'll be surprised at the results!

Dec 4/08

Weight Training Advice And Tip

Here's a cool tip from one of the readers of building muscle 101.

September 2009

How To Find Your One Rep Max

Need to find your one rep max but don't want to risk injury? Try this neat little formula to find your one rep max.

How To Immediately Boost Strength Levels

Here's a technique that will immediately boost your strength levels. Get into the habit of doing this and you'll boost your power levels.


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