Should I Train Around An Injury?

bad shoulder


First I wanted to say thank you and I've enjoyed and used all info you emailed me.

I have torn cartilage in my shoulder, and I haven't had my biceps checked out yet but its balled up half way up my forearm, my other one is a ball too but this one I know something’s wrong.

Anyway what other "major" training can I do until I find out how serious this is because it’s killing me not doing nothing.

Thanks again for all your material, please keep sending me your information its very helpful.

- Chadwick


Thanks for the question, Chadwick.

By the sounds of it, your going to have to halt all weight training at once. Torn cartilage is quite serious and must be looked at right away.

Go to your doctor immediately and get diagnosed.

Also, your biceps may have torn as well.

I’m not trying to scare you but a biceps muscle will ball up and try and retreat up to the shoulder if it’s been torn at the point of flexion.

It’s very serious and must be examined by a physician right away.

Chadwick, I’ll tell you this with complete honesty and concern, stop weight training and see your doctor immediately. There is absolutely no way you should even think about weight training in your condition.

Please, see your doctor and stop weight training.


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