Using your treadmill

Not sure how to use your treadmill? Here are some tips.

Tip #1

Start slowly. Remember to place one foot on either side of the belt as you turn on the machine. Only step onto the belt after you have determined that it's moving at a slow speed

Tip #2

Do not go barefoot. Always use a good pair of walking shoes or running shoes

Tip #3

Do not read on the treadmill

Tip #4

Disorientation. For the first few times you use your treadmill, you may feel dizzy and disoriented when you step off. Don't worry about this too much, most people experience this once or twice

Tip #5

Don't rely on the handrails. For the first few times you use your treadmill, it's ok to use the rails for balance but after a few times you'll want to not get into the habit of holding onto the rails

Tip #6

Running on a treadmill takes practice. Start out slowly and work your way up to running speed. Make sure that you run at the front of the thread so you can easily reach the console

Tip #7

Stay away from self powered treadmills. Self powered treadmills usually stick and you can't get the walking belt moving unless you incline the machine.

Beginners will usually find a self powered treadmill much too difficult.

Try using a treadmill at your gym. If you find yourself liking it and sticking to it, consider a treadmill for your home. You can either buy a new or used treadmill depending on your budget and what youÂ’re looking for. Just remember that "buyer beware" applies to all used exercise equipment.

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