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The following bicep workout is an incredible outside the box approach that will shock your arms to huge gains and vein thrashing pumps. Many people working out their biceps stick with the same boring approach, and thus do not build big and muscular arms.

If you want to build some incredible biceps and have those chiseled arms you see on a fitness model or bodybuilder, you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone both mentally and physically.

This workout will train your biceps and shock your arms in a way they have never been shocked before. The results will be incredible arms and huge gains!

The ultimate bicep workout will utilize some of the best approaches to muscle building such as the drop set, super set and forced negative. Lets get started; we have some biceps to pump up!

The Workout

Exercise One:

Heavy Hammer Curls with super set Palms up Dumbbell Curl

Repetitions: 10 – 12 repetitions per Set

Sets: 4

Amount of Rest between Sets: 60 Seconds

Description: This is an incredible superset because it focuses on two different parts of your bicep. You will begin the super set performing heavy hammer curls. That is, the dumbbell bicep curl where your palms are facing in. For the super set, you will grab a lighter pair of dumbbells, rotate your palms up, and perform 10-12 repetitions. You should pick a weight for both exercises that cause you to fail around the 10-12-repetition range.


Followed by standing dumbbell curls:

Exercise Two:

E-z Bar Curl 21's

Repetitions: 7:7:7 Per Set – 21 total per set.

Sets: 3

Amount of Rest between Sets: 50 Seconds

Description: This is one of the best bicep workouts because it is a tri set that involves 21 total repetitions per set. This means that you will maximize your time under tension and really break down your muscle fibers. This means growth! To perform the ez bar curl 21's, grab an ez bar that is about half the weight of your bicep curl max. Keep a shoulder width grip, and for the 1 st 7 repetitions perform a curl where you stop halfway, forming a 90-degree angle with your forearm and upper arm.

The next 7 repetitions you will be starting at the top of the movement by your face, and lowering the weight and stopping at the exact same halfway point, with your arm bent at a 90-degree angle. For the last 7 repetitions you will be performing the complete curl. Switch-up the order for the last 2 sets and good luck – this one burns!


EZ bar curls 21's

Exercise Three:

Reverse Negative Preacher Curls

Repetitions: 6-10 per Set

Sets: 3

Amount of Rest between Sets: 60 Seconds

Description: This is a fantastic bicep workout. Begin the exercise on a preacher curl machine, and pick a weight that is about 70 percent of your bicep preacher curl max. You will need a spot or a training partner to perform this exercise.

The reverse negative focuses on the lowering of the weight motion, and will need the assistance of a partner. Lift the weight and curl in normally. On the way down, you will resist and hold the weight up for as long as possible without letting it go back down. During this time, your partner will push down lightly making it harder and harder to keep the weight held up. It should take you anywhere from 10-20 seconds per repetition to lower the weight. This one really burns!

If you don't have access to a workout partner, try to lower the negative portion of the movement (lowering the weight) extra slow. That is, slowly lower to the half way point, count to 5 and slowly lower all the way down. In all, the negative portion of the movment should take a count of 12.

Exercise Four:

Straight Bar Curl Drop Sets

Repetitions: 10 – failure

Sets: 3

Amount of Rest between Sets: 90 Seconds

Description: This exercise you will be using a normal straight bar. You can use a bench press bar or any kind of straight bar where you can load weight on. You need to strategically place the weight to perform this drop set. Stack the weights so that you can take one plate off on each side for 2 consecutive sets. Using 10 lb plates usually does this. Start off with a weight that you can do about 10 times max, and for the remaining two sets take about 20-25 percent of the weight off.

For example, you may do your 1 st set at 100 lbs, 2 nd set at 75 lbs and 3 rd set at 50 lbs. You will be performing a drop set of 3 consecutive sets. Perform your 1 st set of 10 repetitions, and drop the weight for the 2nd and 3rd set and perform these until failure. This is one tough drop set if done properly. You should be so tired by the 3rd drop set that the light weight you are curling feels like the weight of the world!


This is one incredibly tough bicep workout. Although you are technically only performing 12 sets, it is much more than that because you also have 3 sets of a “drop set”, 3 sets of “reverse negatives” and 3 sets of “super sets.”

To build huge arms, try this workout two times a week for a month straight. The goal should be to increase the weight by about 5 percent every week.

Remember that the best results occur the more you are able to push yourself past your comfort zone. This bicep workout is about progress, and will push you to the brink of physical and mental exhaustion. Stay with it and remember to focus on the end result – not the physical pain.

Good Luck and enjoy the New Biceps!

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