Triceps Weight Training Routine for Size

This Routine is from Jay.Hello all … “This Triceps routine has really changed the shape and size of my arms. Its added so much mass to the triceps than any other tricep routine that I have tried”Workout Schedule:
Routine Type
Triceps routine
Building triceps muscle mass
All individuals interested in improving their triceps size

Workout Schedule:

Triceps Workout
Triceps Workout

The Workout

Monday - Thursday

Sets And Reps
Warm-up with whatever you fancy, such as sit-ups or chin-ups.
2 x 12 reps
Warm up
3 x 15 reps


3 x 6 reps

Use 75% of your one rep max


Use 90% of your one rep max

If you can't cope with the 75/90% than try lowering until you find something more comfortable ... however you want to work the muscle and feel it ... make sure the final 3 x 6 takes your muscle to either complete failiure or VERY NEAR TO IT!!!!
3 x 15 reps


3 x 6 reps

Use 75% of your one rep max


Use 90% of your one rep max

Same applies with this exercise as the French press with regards to how well you can deal with the poundage ... if you notice poor form and struggle with the weight, than reduce the weight as needed.
3 x 10 reps
Increase the dips by 2/3 on every set every two weeks.
25 to 30 minutes in duration

Additional Notes* Go up in weight every 2 weeks by dividing what you lift by 5 or 10 and see how it goes … you may find it hard to go up much in poundage even after 2 weeks .. don’t worry about that, increase the poundage slightly by a few pounds if need be … a slight increase is better than none.

This tricep workout did it for me.

All three exercises hit all areas of the tricep including the hard to develop long head of the tricep. As I have progressed and gone up in poundage, I’ve dropped the reps from 15 to 12 down to what I do now which is 10. I will soon be going to 4 sets of these.

With regards to the 3 x 6 portion, that has dropped to 3 x 5 and will also be increased to 4 sets soon.

Dips are now 3 x 22 but once I reach 30 will add another set so it’ll be 4 x 30

Hope this routine is helpful for you …. just keep hitting the 3 x 15 if you like on both exercises with the failiure sets of 3 x 6 at the end for a few months and see how it goes.

Do the French Press first, followed by the extension with the dips done last to attack the already tired triceps more.

– Workout submitted by Jay.

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Blake Bissaillion

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