Tribestan Review


This product is called TRIBESTAN and goes for about $78.00 for a 60 tablet container.

Unbelievable. The testosterone boost was enough to enable a 10k increase in bench press and squats over 2 weeks. My biceps went from 16 in to 17 in over the same period. Really need to cycle this product 8 weeks on 1 month off.

This product is made from Tribulus which is a natural herb that promotes testosterone production without ANY side effects!!

I give this product a 4 out 5

- Review submitted by Derek

*Editors Note*

Tribestan is made by a company called "Biogenic Stimulants Inc..,". This company operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Biogenics offers a wide array of products that include cosmetics, sun protection, hand creams, foot cosmetics, anti aging products, herbal supplements, natural products, hair care, and essential oils.

Under the herbal supplement section, Tribestan is listed. Now, you have to remember that this is straight up tribulus terrestris extract with no added ingredients.

Each 250 mg tablet contains tribulus extract and comes in a 60 tablet container that goes for about $60.00 CAN.

I'm not a huge fan of tribulus terrestris. There is no solid evidence or studies that show that this supplement helps improve strength or muscle mass.

It has been shown to slightly increase testosterone levels but these levels are all within normal ranges. At a price of $60 for 60, 250 milligram tablets, this seems very high. Even though this company promises at least 45% of standardized saponins of furostanole type. A quick check over at bodybuilding.com reveals the following comparisons:

Higher Power:
Tribulus Terrestris
100, 625 mg capsules for $8.79 USD
(40% saponin content)

Tribulus 625
100, 625 mg capsules for $9.99 USD
(40 % saponin content)

Tribulus 1000
90, 1000 milligram tablets for $11.49 USD

Tribestan goes for $60.00 for 60 tablets! On average, the comparison supplements above have a cost of $.10 per tablet. Tribestan goes for $1.00 per tablet, that's 10 times the price per tablet in comparison to the other supplements. This is really overpriced considering you can get the same extract for a fraction of the price.


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