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Hi Blake.

I have been reading your pages on Building Muscle 101 and found your story of weight gain incredible. I started at the gym 2 weeks ago hoping to gain weight like you as I have always been a skinny person. The problem that I have is that I cannot eat the amount of calories I should have. If we order pizza, I am full on 2 slices. Instead of gaining weight I have dropped 3 kilo and I am now 57 kg at 5' 9". I am slowly getting under weight.

I have a whey drink that I am starting to take but again with 1 shake I am full. Do you have any clues to what I could eat but not get full on such a small portion but is packed with the vitamins and protein. Also the gym I work out at has given me a routine where I work all my muscles at each session... should I break the session in to groups and concentrate on one group a day.

Hope you can help




Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email and great question.

The first thing I would suggest is to consult your doctor to make sure you don’t have any stomach or gastro intestinal problems going on.

Now, it could be that your stomach is naturally small and simply can’t handle large portions of food with each sitting.

Don’t worry, this happens alot. What you need to concentrate on is re-programming your body to eat at specific times during the day.

That is, get your body used to eating on a steady and consistent pattern. In order to gain quality weight, you need to eat on a very regular basis, especially for naturally, skinny people with a high metabolism.

Now, I’m not saying you have to eat a lot of food at each sitting, what I’m saying is you have to start eating on a consistent and regular basis. For example, if you weight 130 pounds and are eating 3 to 4 meals per day totalling about 1,700 calories, with no regular feeding times, your not going to gain an ounce of body weight. First of all, for you to gain any quality body weight, you need to start feeding your body with at least 2,900 calories per day, TO START. Second of all, you need to feed your body in 2 to 3 hour intervals. That is, every 2 to 3 hours, you need to have something to eat. You go any longer than this, and your body starts to get hungry. You don’t want your body to go hungry.

Thirdly, you need to start eating calorie dense foods. Sorry, pizza doesn’t count as calorie dense food. You need to start eating foods that are high in calories and packed with nitro powered carbohydrates and muscle building protein, as well as good fats. To understand what you should be eating, see this page here:

Muscle Building Foods

Fourthly, put together a simple meal plan and stick to it. Trust me on this one, once you put together a simple meal plan that you can stick to, your going to start seeing results almost immediately. For more information about meal plans, go to this page here:

Gaining Muscle Mass

As for protein drinks, try and have at least two per day. I strongly suggest that you have one as soon as you get up, one immediately after weight training, and one right before you go to bed. By simply having your protein drinks at these specified times, you should start to see improvement in one week.

Here’s a simple recipe:

1 scoop of protein powder
1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt
½ cup of orange juice
½ cup of 2% milk or whole milk
1 tablespoon of honey
4 ice cubes

Mix this all up in a blender and drink it down.

As for your weight training routine, start with the program given to you. Full body workouts are great and will get you used to working your body as a whole. Give the routine 6 to 8 weeks and if things are working out and you are gaining weight, stick with it. Now, the trick to gaining weight is to keep improving with each workout, from week to week. If you can manage to do this, you’ll start gaining weight and building the muscle you want.

For more information about this, see the following page:

Getting Stronger

All the best,


As the owner of Building Muscle 101, I am committed to providing you the best practical weight training advice. I've been training for over 24 years (and still train to this day!) and the advice and guidance I provide comes directly from my experience and knowledge.

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