The Benefit Of Drinking Water

Water is an essential yet frequently overlooked nutrient. I know, it doesn't have the body building properties such as protein or the fuel capabilities of carbohdyrates yet, this nutrient is the most important. Yes! The most important. How? Well, let me put it this way, without water, you'd die within a couple of days - That's how important it is.

Our muscles are made up of 70% water, and optimal hydration is essential for muscle function and growth. Did you know that protein synthesis is actually increased when the muscles are fully hydrated. This is exactly what you want, more protein synthesis for growth.

Ok, lets look at the benefit of drinking water:

Building Muscle

Of course, drinking water for active weight trainers is to build muscle. However, water doesn't directly affect the actual building process like protein does. Have you ever noticed that you are probably the most weakest as soon as you get up? One of the reasons is because your dehydrated - Get some water into your system as soon as you can.

Improve Digestion

The body produces a lot of water when food is broken down in the digestion process. In fact, it has been estimated that roughly 25% of the total daily water requirement for a sedentary person can be used for this process alone. Imagine, 25% of all water in your body being used for digestion. You see, each gram of glucose needs about 2.5 grams of water to form glycogen in the muscle and liver.

The health benefit of drinking water in this case is the fomation of energy. Water is actually released when glycogen is converted to energy.

Water is also the major ingredient in blood plasma, which transports nutrients and gases to and between cells. Water is also a necessary part of many chemical reactions in the body. An example is that it carries off the waste products of energy metabolism fromt he cell and provides the fluid needed to get rid of the body's wastes.

Heat Regulation

All of us have a built in air conditioners that constantly works to keep our heat levels at stable levels. All of us at one time or another have been in some pretty hot climates where we sweated - Alot. The process of perspiration actually cools us off and keeps us from boiling over which leads to some nasty side effects such as heat stroke.

When we sweat, water is released through the skin and evaporates. Heat is than released in the air lowering the skin temperature. The benefit here is to keep our "air conditioning" system filled and ready for action whenever we need it.

Exercise sessions increases the need for water. Our "air conditioning" system can use up a great deal of water depending on the intensity and duration of exercise and the environment in which you workout in. A loss of only 3 percent (of bodyweight) of water can drastically affect your performance and even greater losses can affect overall muscular strength.

When 6% of your bodyweight is lost in water, you run the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Losing Weight

With regards to losing weight, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant and water is constantly working moving nutrients in and out of the body. That is, it transports the good stuff to your cells where it's needed and it helps to move the bad stuff out. You simply need to keep your body well hydrated in order for this transport system to work to it's fullest.

Water also keeps you full so you don't have that urge to go do the nearest McDonalds to munch on a big mac meal.

Joint Lubrication

Water helps keep the joints moving and mobile.

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