Beware Of These Low Potassium Symptoms

Symptom of low potassium levels are usually mild symptoms that can range anywhere from cramped muscles to tiredness.

Generally, the symptoms are mild but in some instances, they can be a little more serious depending on the level of potassium depletion.

In some extreme cases, low potassium levels can be deadly.

More than a few body builders have died due to the lack of electrolytes, potassium in particular.

When body builders take in diuretics prior to competitions, they get rid of any excess water, including electrolytes out of their bodies.

This brings their potassium levels to a dangerous levels. Combine that with a near starvation state and you can possibly get a whole whack of physical problems.

If you are following a healthy diet, you are more than likely meeting your minimum daily requirements for potassium. However, there are some instances where you may be lacking in potassium. I

have experienced low potassium levels which was resolved with an slight increase in potassium (one banana a day).

A mild symptom of low potassium can be a preliminary warning for other ailments. If you are experiencing symptoms of low potassium, I strongly suggest you get checked out by your family physician.

Here is a small list for symptoms of low potassium:

• Low blood pressure - Can lead to fainting;
• Irregular heart beat;
• Feeling thirsty all the time;
• Frequent urination;
• Weakness;
• Bad muscle cramps;
• Numbness;
• Nausea and vomiting;
• Confusion.

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