Stair Climber Information

Stair climbers are an excellent way to get into shape, build muscle and enhance aerobic capacity.

I remember the first time I ever saw a stair exercise machine, I said to myself, "that looks pretty easy".

I'll tell you right now, it's not that easy.

If you're looking for a challenge, a stair exercise machine is something you definitely will be interested in.

It might look easy, but let me tell you, your legs are always pushing and always moving. It's a lot harder than it looks.

Stair climber basics

Stair climbers are basically two foot plates that you pump up and down with both feet. I believe the action is to simulate climbing stairs. If you have ever climbed a good flight of stairs, than you know what I’m talking about when I say that the stair climber is a lot harder than it looks.

Stair exercise machine have front/side rails that you can hold on for balance. Quality stair climbers display time, distance, steps per minute, calories burned and number of flights climbed.

The good thing about stair climbers is that it eliminates a lot of the wear and tear on your joints. Using a stair climber is a great way to build and tone your butt and thighs.

Stair exercise machines will give you a great workout. People who love to hike, climb, ski, and run should benefit greatly from a stair climber.

Here’s what you can expect when using a stair climber regularly:

- You’ll develop shapelier calves
- You’ll build and tone your butt and thigh muscles
- Provide you with a great cardio workout

Here are some points when you are using a stair climber:

- Warm up properly. Start slow and gradually work up to longer steps at a higher resistance

- Don't grip the bars too tightly. The rails should only be used for balance

- Don't hunch or lean your body on the top rail. Stand upright with a slight lean at the hip

- Keep your entire foot on the pedal

You can find stair exercise machines in most gyms, so you don’t necessarily have to buy one, unless you want to. Stair exercise machines are very convenient but be warned to stay away from the cheap ones.

If you are thinking of buying a stair climber, consider the following points:

- Quality climbers should have an independent action. Each peddle should move freely from the other

- Stay away from the cheap models (under $200). These models are usually built very poorly and wobble from side to side. You don't want to workout on cheap uncomfortable equipment

- Make sure that the stair climber is sturdy. The machine should support your weight easily and remain steady even while you are in motion. The more expensive stepping machines are usually more solid and sturdier and a better buy for people who have a significant amount of weight to lose

- Ensure that the climber is the right size. The foot pad should be big enough to hold your entire foot and the stepping range should allow you to stay in the midrange

- Ensure that the fly wheel is enclosed

- Make sure the rails are padded and comfortable

- Make sure you know what type of resistance is being used. You should use either hydraulic, cable or chain

- There should be easy to set resistance settings

- Display features. Nice but always optional

- Consider your goals and the goals of other exercisers in your home before you start your search. It's important to consider who else might be using the stair climber before making your purchase. Be sure not to under buy when it comes to stair climbers. Make sure that the frame is sturdy enough to support all potential exercisers in your home

- Be prepared to go to the store to test the equipment in the manner in which you will be using it. Take some time to test the equipment out. It’s your purchase, take your time and make sure it’s what your looking for

- Make sure the stair exercise machine you choose has a warranty. Look for a stair climber with at least a one year warranty. Try and find a stair climber that includes free shipping, warranty for parts and labour for at least one year, and free assembly. If you’re buying second hand, buyer beware

There’s nothing worse than exercising on an uncomfortable and wobbly piece of equipment. Take you time, call the dealers, try out the stair climber before making any purchases. Make sure you find what your looking for.

Take the Star Trac SC 4130 for example, here’s a quality stair climber made for people who are serious about getting into shape. The quality is outstanding and the features are fantastic.

The SC 4130 is tough, durable, and reliable. The neat feature on the SC 4130 is the sensors. The stair climber senses the users body weight and automatically adjusts the resistance settings. No guessing with this stair climber. You simple step on the pedals and off you go.

If you want to customize your program, you can do that to. There’s a huge variety of workout programs that can be selected at any time during a workout. The SC 4130 offers the widest speed range of any commercial climber today.

If I had to pick a stair exercise machine that is durable, reliable, and accurate it would be the SC 4130.

What about infomercial stair climbers?

Now , if your thinking of buying a cheap stair climber, remember the saying, "you get what you pay for". A lot of cheap climbers have flimsy frames, no features and hard resistance. Stay away from infomercial stair climbers, these stair climbers will cause more in grief and headaches than the price you paid for them. See a specialized dealer such as Body Trends and use their knowledge to make an informed choice.

Overall, a stair climber is a great way to get into shape. Be warned though, take your time on the stair climber and gradually increase your tempo as you progress. This way, you don’t burn yourself out the first couple of workouts.

Now, if you're looking for other interesting low impact aerobic workouts, try using the elliptical trainer or the exercise bike . If not and exercise bike or elliptical trainer, how about a rowing machine? I'm sure you'll find one of these exercises right up your alley.

All the best,


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