The Weight Training and Nutrition System So Powerful That It Works 10 Times out of 10!

What I'm about to tell you is something most internet sources either don't know or they don't want you to know!

It is without a doubt the most powerful method to reaching your goals whether you want to:

- burn fat / lose weight

- build / tone muscle

- get health and fit

Regardless of your age, gender or activity levels this method will allow anyone to reach their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

This is a proven method and will work 10 times out of 10! The method I’m about to tell you about will work for:

- Beginners to Weight Training: For those of you who are just starting out and don’t know how to proceed or how to start

- Advanced Weight Trainers : For those of you who have been training for a while and have stopped progressing (plateaued)

It doesn’t matter if you are 20 to 70, male or female this method has been proven to work time and time again, 100% of the time for people who want to get stronger, tone / build muscle, lose weight or get fit and healthy.

This method can be used to:

- lose 20, 30 or even 50 pounds

- burn gobs of unwanted body fat

- build muscle (and tone)

- get big and strong

- athletic training

Using this process you can expect the absolute best results in the shortest time period possible. It is safe, reliable and doesn’t require fancy equipment (it can be used at home or the gym). What is this method?

This method is called….


What I’m about to tell you is the genie inside the bottle. It’s the little wizard behind the curtain. This is how you achieve your goals and will allow to burn as much fat as you want, lose as much weight as you want, build as much muscle as you want and keep you fit and healthy for a very long time!

What is a “Staged Structured Process” and how does this process work?

The “Staged Structured Process” uses a series of 4 week progressive stages which allows a person to continuously improve over the course of that training cycle.

This method is built on the premise of using a dynamic program that builds in intensity with each passing stage. Using this method a person can expect the most effective results possible and in the shortest time possible.

You see the number one reason why most weight training and nutrition programs fail is because they are static in nature.

These types of static programs fail to take into account the progressive element that all programs MUST have in order to succeed. Sooner or later the static program will stop working! It is only a matter of time before it fails.

The human body is designed to adapt and once it fully adapts to a training program the body will stop losing weight, stop getting stronger and stop building muscle. The key is using a dynamic process (staged structured process).

There MUST be a dynamic mechanism built into the program that allows to body to continuously lose weight, burn fat, get stronger and build muscle – week after week and month after month.

By using a dynamic or progressive system one can expect to continuously improve with each passing workout allowing. Given as:

Staged muscle building fat loss progression

This method uses a dynamic system which allows the user to always improve maximizing time, effort and results. With each passing stage a person will be using more challenging and exciting weight training and nutrition programs which will allow them to continuously improve.

A person will never run into plateaus and can expect to reach their goals sooner.

The key is to make sure the weight training and nutrition program are in sync with each at each stage. For example, if you want to lose 40 pounds of weight and build (tone muscle) your first stage weight training and nutrition program will be built around that goal (I provide a detailed example below).

The first stage is called the “foundation” stage and will last 4 weeks. This stage is meant to prime the body for the more advanced stages and allow the body to maximize weight loss, fat loss and muscle building (toning).

The foundation stage will provide the most important element of any weight training and nutrition program and that’s a solid “starting point”.

This is without a doubt the most important stage of the entire method. Each progressive stage afterwards will build on one another to continuously compound results (think of a snowball rolling down a hill). Here’s an example set up of a 16 week set up:

Stages in the muscle building fat loss progression

Why Is This Important?

Most static programs will stop working at around 4 to 6 weeks (without using a dynamic set up) but using the structured staged process method one can expect to always progress, picking up more and more steam with each passing stage.

This method is one of the most effective and sustainable method to losing weight AND building muscle.

How Do I Know The Structured Staged Process Works 10 Times Out of 10?

I first learned of this process over 30 years ago and I still use it today. You see, when I was just starting out (I was about 16 years old) I did what most folks do. I used a program from the magazines (I think it was the Arnold routine) and I dove right in and started performing all of the workouts.

I followed Arnold’s program for months and I got absolutely nothing. In fact I got negative results because I over trained. At the time I couldn’t understand it…Why wasn’t I looking like Arnold?

I did all his reps, sets, and exercise and I didn’t gain an ounce of muscle or body weight. What was wrong? I wasted about 2 years going from routine to routine and using these crazy methods hoping to reach my goal which was never really possible doing what I was doing at the time.

Here’s a shot when I was skinny and underweight (I think I was 16 or 17 here). I weighed about 140 pounds here. At the time I was jumping from routine to routine and following static programs hoping to build lean muscle mass.

I was bench pressing about 200 pounds for 1 repetition here and barely squatting 250 pounds.

I wasn’t until I met my first real mentor that I was first introduced to the power of using a structured “process” instead of a static routine that changed my entire life. He showed me that by following a structured 20 week process that I can completely change the way I look (and feel)! He opened my eyes to the power of this method and after following his teachings (the structured process method) I changed my appearance…OVERNIGHT!

Here’s another shot about 6 months later after following a structured process (and not a static routine) and using my mentor’s advice and guidance. I think I was about 17 or 18 here:

In the above photo I gained about 20 pounds of muscle mass and my strength shot through the roof! I went from bench pressing 205 pounds for a single repetition to over 250 pounds for multiple repetitions! (This was before creatine!)

Finally, here’s a shot of me (below) after fully realizing the awesome power of following a structured process instead of blindly following a static routine that totally changed my body and appearance (I felt absolutely fantastic here). I think I was about 18 or 19 here.

In the above photo, I was as strong as a horse, fast, agile and muscular! At this point I was benching over 315 pounds for repetitions and squatting well over 400 pounds for sets of 6!

In a matter of 3 short years I gained 50 pounds of solid muscle mass and went from a skinny 140 pounder to a 200 pound powerhouse.

I would probably look and feel a lot different today if I didn’t learn about the power of following a structured process instead of a static routine. Today, I still use the same principles but I’ve had to modify my process because of my age (I can’t train like a 20 year old anymore!).

Using what I’ve learned from years of following a structured process I’ve developed a new process based on my age. To this day, I don’t follow one specific routine but a structured process.

It’s kind of funny when I see people I haven’t seen since high school. I can see the absolute surprise in their expression when they look me up and down.

They are shocked to see that my body still looks the same (well…with a little less hair on top!). It’s a pretty nice feeling to say the least.

Here’s a shot of me at 46 years of age (30 years later and still using a structured process) and keeping my size and shape.

Not too bad for a guy closing in on 50 years eh? I can’t lift as heavy as I once did so I’ve had to change up my system to include alternative muscle building methods but I still follow a structured process and NOT a static routine.

Hint**for you older guys, losing weight and building muscle is very possible, you just need to come at the process a little differently (I can help with this, see the end of this article) **

I admit, there have been times when I let myself go because of other commitments and priorities but you want to know something? It doesn't take me long to get back into shape because I know the true power of using a dynamic process and how it works. Here's a perfect example. About two years ago I stopped training for about 5 months and packed on some unwanted weight. I ballooned up to 255 pounds and I looked and felt horrible. After putting my process in place it took me just under 4 months to lose 50 pounds of pure fat!

Here's what I looked like at 255 pounds:

Blake Bissaillion

When I took this photo I looked at myself and wondered "who the heck is this fat dude?". I tell you, it doesn't take long to put on weight especially as I've gotten older. In just under 4 short months I shed 50 pounds of fat and got back into top shape.

Here's a photo at the half way point (roughly a month and a half in)

233 pounds

And another photo near the end of my journey (about 3 and a half months in at 205 pounds). Lean, trim and in shape at 205 pounds losing 50 pounds of fat in just under 4 months!

From fat to muscular in 4 short months!

physical weight loss transformation

I will tell you this with complete honesty. I would have never have been able to shed this kind of weight and built this type of muscle if I downloaded a static routine from the internet! I used a structured process that I built using 3 strategic stages. Each stage used progressive momentum allowing me to compound my results at each stage! This method is pure magic!

Not only do I follow this method but I use this for all of my clients. My clients range from ages 22 to 62, female and male, and from all over the world. Some want to lose 50 pounds of body weight, some want to get strong but all want to look and feel great!

Using the staged structured process, each and every one of my clients has overcome barriers and blasted through previous obstacles (which held previously held them back) and are actively achieving their physical dreams. Here are just a few examples.

Cory Miller is a 46 year old busy construction supervisor and in two short months he has lost 43 pounds and gained over 43% more strength! Check his amazing transformation (before and after photos) below.

Before and after 43 pound weight loss

Here's another photo of Cory in December 2017

Cory Miller Amazing Fat Loss Muscle Gain
What an amazing tranformation!!

Cory Miller Amazing Fat Loss Muscle Gain

Read about Cory's story here!

Joe McNamara has lost over 23 pounds and gained over 56% more strength in 3 months! Below are his amazing body transformations (he looks like a totally different person in his after photo!)

Before and after 23 pound weight loss
Read Joe's amazing story here!

Here's a video of one of my female clients, Monica Rodriguez. When Monica came to me back in August she could barely squat 165 pounds for 1 repetition. After following my custom programming (3 stages) she is now able to squat 205 pounds for 8 repetitions!! Check out her amazing squatting power in the video below!!

Here's what she had to say about the program.

“Before I started working with Blake my workouts were all over the place, I would think of new workouts that didn’t help me with my goals that I wanted. Blake helped me focus on working with exercises that I would benefit tremendously from.

Since I have been working with Blake I have seen lots of physical improvements not only aesthetically but also performance in lot of my lifts and speed. I always feel well directed in my programming to get to the next level and have encouragement to want to push on. The meal planning that goes along with the programming also has been such a great added benefit so that I don’t have to worry about what to eat and what time I should eat too. I recommend Blake to any person out there that wants to step up their training; you will be in good hands.

The programming total works, it's hard but it WORKS".

-Monica Rodriguez

62 year old Farrell Richards got into the absolute best shape of his life in 4 short months using my unique program! Using safe and effective methods I developed a unique staged program that helped him burn 6% more body fat and built lean hard muscle tissue!

Read Farrell's amazing transformation story here!

When I take on new clients they have a hard time getting over the fact that it’s not the routine but the process that will be responsible for their success. You see, all of my clients have been sort of “brain washed” by the amount of misleading information online that if they follow a specific routine they will reach their goals. You can imagine their surprise when I start their “re-education” process and lay out how this process actually works.

I worked with one client who was absolutely adamant that the only want to burn fat and build muscle was to follow a low repetition / heavy weight routine (such as the 5 x 5 program). He too was convinced by all the crap floating around the internet that this was the only way to do it. When he joined my program he was expecting the same type of “heavy weight/low repetition” set up using crazy methods to help him achieve his goals.

I have to tell you, he was surprised when I presented him his new custom process. He was very skeptical to say the least. You see, after reviewing his profile I determined that his body had reached its equilibrium. If he kept up with another 5 x 5 program he would run into the same exact problem and not gain an ounce of strength or muscle. With that in mind, I designed his stage 1 program all around “resetting” his body’s growth mechanism and totally changed the way he approached his training and nutrition.

In 4 short months he added over 100 pounds to his squat and increased his bench press by over 40%! You have to remember he wasn’t a beginner so this was a huge accomplishment by anyone’s standards.

Strength Improvement Results

Below is the difference in strength improvements (in pounds) between using the staged progression method and a static routine (which most people follow). The staged progression method (in blue) are from actual strength results (from my clients) over a 12 week period.

chart showing 13 week strength results

As you can see, my clients who are using a staged progression model always keep making excellent strength improvements throughout their entire weight training cycle.

On the other hand, most folks who follow a typical static weight training routine usually stop gaining strength after the 4 or 5 week period (in red).

What about weight loss?

Below is the difference in weight loss between my clients who are using the staged progression method (in blue) and a typical static program (in red). As you can see, using the staged progression method my clients continue to lose an impressive amount of body weight over the course of a 13 week period while those who follow a typical static program plateau at weeks 4 and 5.

chart showing 13 week weight loss results

This method delivers results EVERYTIME!! My clients who use the staged structured process not only lose unwanted pounds of body fat but gain huge amounts of strength and build lean muscle mass.

If you look at the chart below you will notice two things. The first is that all of my clients have lost a lot of weight on a progressvie basis - They never stop losing weight! (the red line). The seond thing is that they have all gain progressively more strength (and they never stop gaining)! (the blue line). What is the net result? Less body weight and fat and more strength and muscle mass!

Weight loss and strength gain comparison chart

Can you see the power of using a structured process? It is without a doubt, the most powerful and efficient method to achieve your physical goals. It doesn’t matter if you want to:

  • Lose 10, 20, or even 50 pounds of body weight
  • Build hard lean muscle mass
  • Tone muscle for a sexy figure
  • Gain strength
  • Get big and strong
  • Get fit and healthy

This process will work for you!

How to Use This Method

The trick is to make sure your weight training AND your nutrition programs are designed to match each other SPECIFIC to your goals, gender and age. This is the key in providing you with a baseline starting point and will give your program direction.

I’ve already provided you with a base line starting point (my recommendations and direction) so you now have an idea of the type of weight training and nutrition program you need in order to get started.

This starting point is called the foundation stage and will last for 4 weeks in duration. This will be just enough time for you to get the results you need but not enough time for your body to adapt. Using this stage you will set the tone for the rest of the program to truly unleash your bodies potential.

Here’s an example of stage 1 (based on someone who is a beginner and wants to burn fat and build muscle) that weighs 200 pounds and wants to lose 40 pounds and to build / tone muscle.

Foundation Stage: Duration (4 Weeks)
Weeks 1 through 4

Weight Training Program Set up

2 or 3 day program that concentrates on either upper or lower body workouts per week. Introduce cardio in a progressive manner over the 4 week period. Start with the following:

- 1 exercise per body part

- 2 sets per exercise

- 12 repetitions to start (increase in progressive manner with each passing week)

- Start with light weight (increase in progressive manner with each passing week)

Intended Results of Stage 1 Weight Training Plan

- Strength gain

- Initial muscle tone

The goal for stage 1 weight training plan is to get your body used to working with your nutrition program in order to set the tone for fat loss and muscle building (toning).

Nutrition Program Set Up

1,800 calories per day meal plan based on the following guidelines:

- Reduce sodium levels to under 2 grams per day

- Eliminate all sugars

- Reduce carbohydrates to under 130 grams per day

- Increase protein intake to 120 grams per day

- Reduce fat intake to 60 grams per day

Intended Results of Stage 1 Nutrition Plan

The goal for stage 1 is to draw out all the sodium and toxins from muscle cells to eliminate water weight. This stage will also prime the body for advanced weight loss.

Supplement Plan

No supplements are needed at this stage. The reason is that the body needs to adjust to the new and healthy eating plan without the use of any supplement. This is very important.

As you can see, both programs (weight training and the nutrition program) have been designed to form a cohesive bond which will guarantee results for this stage! This program will deliver the results one needs to lose weight and build / tone muscle and sets the right tone for the next stage in order to boost further results. This is a dynamic process that keeps the body constantly burning fat and building muscle! Let’s see how this process works for a 18 week program.

Here’s the next stage:

Stage 2: Duration (4 Weeks)
Weeks 5 through 9

Weight Training Program Set up

4 or 5 day program which trains two body parts per session. Introduce longer cardio sessions (and more intense).

- 2 exercises per body part

- 3 to 4 sets per exercise

- 15 to 20 repetitions to start (increase in progressive manner with each passing week)

- Start with moderate weight(increase in progressive manner with each passing week)

- Cardio / ab specific days

Intended Results

The goal here is to start forcing the body to use oxygen (fat) for more intense cardio sessions (to burn more fat) WHILE incorporating exercises to increas muscle capacity. By increasing muscle capacity your lean tissue will burn up EVEN more fat while building lean tissue!

Nutrition Program Set Up

Reduce calories by an additional 300 to 500 calories per down to 1,300 to 1,500 daily calories.

- Reduce all starchy carbohydrates

- Reduce sodium intake to less than 1.5 grams per day to ensure all toxins are eliminated and

- Eliminate all external sugars

- Increase protein intake between 125 – 140 grams per day in order to start building lean muscle tissue while kick starting the bodies’ fat burning process.

Intended Results

The goal of stage 2 is to rev up the bodies’ fat burning metabolism. In conjunction with an increase in physical activity this stage will burn up even more calories while using the extra protein to build and tone more muscle!

Supplement Plan

- Start implementing the use of basic food supplements such as protein powders and a vitamins/mineral pack. These supplements should be taken at optimal times to get the best results. No other supplements are needed at this stage.

If you look closely at this stage you will notice the inverse relationship between the weight training and nutrition program.

This is particularly important to burning fat and building muscle because as the weight training and cardio intensifies the body will be forced to continuously burn more calories over the course of this stage.

However, there aren’t as many calories for the body to draw from so the body will turn to fat for fuel! In addition, with an increase in protein the body will continuously build and tone more muscle!

The relationship between weight training and nutrition has been established and at this point the two programs are joined as one and will work as a team to burn fat, lose weight and ultimately build more muscle tissue.

At this point the body is ready for supplements which will help “fill the gap” and will help step up additional results!

Here’s the next stage:

Stage 3: Duration (4 Weeks)
Weeks 10 through 14

Weight Training Program Set up

This program will be an advanced program designed to harden and tone all muscle structures.

- 5 day program training one body part per day

- Use high intensity boosting techniques to harden all muscle structures up

- Cardio sessions will last 30 to 45 minutes and use a combination of moderate and high intensity levels

- Burn optimal levels of calories

Intended Results

The body is in muscle building mode at this point and will soak up all nutrients in order to keep burning more fat and building more muscle tissue.

Nutrition Program Set Up

Further reduce calorie intake to 1,000 - 1,200 calories per day eliminating all starchy carbohydrates.

- Consume a staggered fruit and vegetable eating schedule

- Drink at least 1 to 1.5 gallons of water per day

- Reduce sodium intake to less than 1.3 grams per day to harden up your lean tissues

- Increase protein intake to .5 to 1 gram per pound of body weight

- Introduce more advanced supplements to enhance results such as fat burners or hunger suppressants

Intended Results

At this point your body will have ignited its metabolism and anything you consume will go directly to building lean muscle tissue (and not fat). Increase protein to 1 gram per 1 pound of body weight to really start toning and building lean muscle mass.

Supplement Plan

The body is in a much better position to start using other sports supplements. At this stage any sport supplement will only enhance further results. Additional supplements will include:

- pre workout (can include creatine for additional strength improvements)

- fat burners (to help stimulate even more fat loss)

- Appetite control (to help with those cravings)

The body is in a much better position to really start moving onto higher and higher levels of development (which supplements will help).

At this stage the body is in advanced weight loss mode and will be shedding the optimal amount of body weight WHILE toning more and more muscle mass. Since the weight training and nutrition programs are so in sync with each other that a change in one will produce immediate results in the other. The programs are so closely matched that they act as mirror objects of one another. This is exactly where you want to be at this stage! Let’s take this even further with one more stage.

Stage 4: Duration (4 Weeks)
Weeks 15 through 19

Weight Training Program Set up

In order to stimulate more weight loss and muscle gain it will be necessary to create an advanced program that uses a multitude of new and exciting methods to keep the program fresh and exciting!

- 6 day schedule: One body part per session using intensity boosting techniques

- Possible double split program using an AM cardio session and PM weight training session

- Enhanced cardio and ab sessions

- 4 to 5 sets per muscle group

- 3 to 4 exercise

- moderate the heavy weight (using a staggered approach)

- Moderate to high repetitions (using a staggered approach)

The weight training plan will use advanced muscle capacity techniques such as supersets, giant sets, continuous sets and other techniques in order to get that "ripped" look. Since all muscles will be drained of toxins and water your muscles will look hard, lean and muscular.

Intended Results

The body is in pure fat burning and muscle building mode at this point. It will be necessary to keep adding more advanced methods to keep losing more weight and building / toning more muscle. Each week will employ the use of new and exciting methods to stimulate further improvements.

Nutrition Program Set Up

At this stage the body is ready for advanced weight loss and will require some cutting edge methods

- Carbohydrate cycling: Draw out all water from the muscles and harden them up (to the max)

One large carbohydrate meal per week or 1 or 2 small starchy carb days per week

Reduce calorie intake to 1,000 per day and possibly incorporate a water weight reduction plan to eliminate all water weight.

Intended Results

To make sure the body doesn’t go into starvation mode it will be necessary to alter macronutrient intake on a staggered basis to keep losing more and more weight. By introducing a carbohydrate cycling program you can expect to lose even more weight, burn gobs more fat and tone up all muscle groups!

Supplement Plan

At this stage the body will soak up anything that’s ingested and will “categorize” where that element should go (IE: muscle and strength, metabolism, appetite and so on). By taking the following supplements at the correct times the body will optimize further results!

- Vitamin packs

- Protein powder

- Fat burner pack

- Pre and post workout drinks

- Appetite control

Using a "Staged Structured Process" you can expect the absolute best results in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. This method will work 10 times out of 10 and will always ensure that your weight training and nutrition program are always working together and taking you closer and closer to your goals. By using a structured process you will absolutely guarantee results because your body will:

- Work in a progressive manner which burns as much body fat as possible AND builds more strength (and lean muscle);

- Use the nutrients in your nutrition program to enhance your weight training program

- Compounds your results (with each passing stage) by continuously aiming for higher and higher levels of development (losing more and more body weight but also getting stronger and stronger).

process of gaining muscle and burning fat
What’s Next?

My unique approach to burning fat and building muscle has been developed over a 30 year period. This program will work for anyone and I mean ANYONE regardless if:

  • You're a complete beginner or advanced trainer!
  • You are female or male!
  • You're young or old!
  • You're stuck and in a plateau!
  • You want to lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds, get strong and build muscle!
  • You want to get big and strong!
  • My system can be used for any situation or goal!
  • Work with any type of equipment including basic home gyms or equipped commercial gyms!

This program is a paid program but I will say this, it is worth every penny. For under a $100 per stage you can expect big time results!

Here's what you get with my unique staged structured system:

  • The ABSOLUTE best training plan for each stage built around the equipment you have available (commercial or home gym) that will build muscle and burn fat! This program will make sure you are always progressing!
  • The BEST exercises you need to perform
  • When to weight train (days to perform your weight training sessions)
  • How many sets to perform to achieve the BEST results
  • The repetition ranges you need to be performing to achieve the ABSOLUTE BEST results
  • How much weight to use (to start)
  • How long to rest in between sets for the maximum performance
  • Special techniques and methods to take maximize your results
  • How to perform each exercise (video and description) - It couldn’t be any simpler
  • Access to your own personal training hub to view and track your workouts any time you want on your smart phone)
  • Personal performance trackers and body measurements
  • Help and assistance feature – I never leave you hanging! You can ask me ongoing questions throughout the duration of your program using the instant messaging feature in your very own training hub
  • 1 seven day meal plan designed for this stage (includes grocery list and meal substitutions). Please remember this is NOT a custom meal plan.
  • Supplement plan built directly into your meal plan for every stage! No worrying about what or when to take supplements. I will tell you the when you should be introducing supplements, the type of supplement to take, the brand of supplement to use and when to take it for maximum results!

I'm so confident in my unique fat burning and muscle building system that I'm going to provide you with a basic outline of your first stage. That's right! I know you're interested in this system so I'm going to provide you with an outline of the your first stage. All you have to do is fill out the form below and I'll outline your first stage.

I'll explain how many calories you need, how much protein, carbohdyrates, fat and sodium you need for your first stage. I'll also outline your first stage weight training program (Please note I will NOT design you a weight training program). I will explain the type of weight training program (stage 1) you need in order for you to reach your goals.

Please fill out the form below for an outline of your first stage!

Yours in health,

Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Building Muscle 101

Blake Bissaillion
Owner, Building Muscle101

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