Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Sole F63 treadmill

About the Sole F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 Treadmill is the entry level, folding treadmill from Sole. It is priced at $1,099 and is Sole's low end treadmill. By no means is this a cheap treadmill, it's simply Sole's lowest priced treadmill.

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Sole has earned the reputation of building quality treadmills using the best components, the F63 holds true to this even at a lower price. At this price point, Sole manages to add a 2.5 continous duty horsepower motor that delivers a top speed of 10 MPH. It also provides an incline at 15% which is 5% more than the average in this price range.

Direct Competitors

- Vision Fitness T1450 ($999);
- Smooth Fitness 5.25 ($1,299);
- Sporttrac 7100 Treadmill ($1,288);
- Nordic Track X5 Treadmill ($1,399);
- Proform 990 X Treadmill ($999);


  • 85.5" x 35"
  • Weight: 245 lbs
  • Belt Size: 55 " x 20"
  • Deck Size: 33 X 75 - Phenolic Deck

The Sole F63 is a mid sized, folding treadmill. For the price, this is one solid treadmill. The size is a little larger than most in it's class. Take a look at the Smooth 5.25 and the Vision Fitness T1450 sizes:

Smooth 5.25:

- Deck size: 36" x 73"
- Weight: 195 lbs

Vision Fitness:

- Deck size: 33" x 70"
- Weight: 165 lbs

Speed/Incline Control

  • Motor: 2.5 HP Continuous Duty, DC type
  • Speed: 1 to 10 mph
  • Incline: 15% maximum, rack and pinion gear design


- Large blue LCD screen;
- Speed;
- Incline;
- Time;
- Distance Traveled;
- Calories;
- Pulse and Pace;
- Cooling fans above LCD screen;
- 2 bottle holders on either side;
- 1/4 mile track feature and a Peak and Valley graph for different programs.


  • Standard Programs: Six program include cardio and fat burning programs;
  • User Defined Programs: Yes, User 1 and a User 2;
  • Heart Rate Programs: None

There are only 6 programs on the Sole F63 treadmill. I would love to have seen more programs, specifically a heart rate training program. However, this is pretty much a standard package on top treadmills in this price range. Both, the Smooth 5.25 and Vision T1450 have 6 programs each.

I like the fact that the Sole F63 comes with user defined programs. This features is usually only available on high end treadmills. Nice to see it here.


Given the fact that:

  • The Sole F63 weigths in at a hefty 245 pounds;
  • There is a very powerful and solid motor installed; And
  • The frame is quite large for this price range

Heart Rate Monitor


No other treadmill in this price range offers a wireless chest strap. However, the only downside is the Sole F63 doesn't come with a heart rate training program. That feature would put this treadmill completely over the edge.

Warranty and Service

  • 20 years motor;
  • 3 years deck;
  • Lifetime frame;
  • 3 years parts and electronics;
  • 1 year labor

The only warranty that's better than the Sole F63, in this price range is the Smooth 5.25 Treadmill. Smooth's warranty for the 5.25 Treadmill is the best in this price range. That warranty has the following warranty:

- Lifetime frame and motor;
- 3 year parts and electronics;
- 1 year labor.

But than again, the Smooth 5.25 is $200 more expensive than the Sole F63.

Price/Cost Effectiveness

  • $1,099 (Includes shipping - curbside) ;
  • $239 delivery and in home set up

The warranty is also top of the line and you won't find a better one, besides Smooth's 5.25. All in all, the absolute best buy in the $1,000 to $1,300 dollar range.

If I had one minor issue, it would be that it doesn't come with a heart rate program. However, I am willing to forego this feature for a well made, quality treadmill that will last a long, long time. You can give this treadmill a good pounding and it will still perform, day in and day out.

If you have $1,200 to spend on a treadmill, this is the one for you. No other treadmill comes close to the Sole F63 Treadmill in the $1,000 to $1,300 price range. I have rated the Sole F63 at moderate to ligh heavy use.



All the best,



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