Smooth ME Elliptical Trainer Review

Smooth Fitness ME Elliptical Trainer

The Smooth ME elliptical trainer is a solid elliptical trainer with a very solid company backing it up. You can rest assured that Smooth Fitness stands by their product 100%.

All components on the Smooth ME are made with top of the line parts and the manufacturing process is top grade.

This is a very reliable elliptical trainer that is made to last.


  • Length: 4' (48 In)
  • Width: 1 3/4' (21 In)
  • Height: 5' (60 In)

The Smooth Me elliptical trainer($899.00) is a very compact elliptical trainer. The smooth ME is quite efficient at saving space. The dimensions are very compact and can be easily transported from room to room on the built in rollers located on the base.

A truly space saving elliptical trainer. Simply park the elliptical in front of your T.V, do your exercise and when your done, wheel it back to the bedroom.

Quiet operation

  • Very quiet

The Smooth ME elliptical trainer is ultra quiet. Using a 40 pound drive system, it delivers a smooth momentum of operation. The drive system basically propels the actual movement of the elliptical trainer. This in effect, produces a steady, sleek, stroke that isn't choppy or noisy.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Electric variable resistance
  • Adjustable peddles

The variable magnetic system produces a steady and fluid movement with just enough resistance to not cause a racket but enough to give you a good smooth workout. The magnetic breaking system is quite reliable and super quiet.

The automatic magnetic breaking system allows the user to easily and readily adjust the resistance while providing a professional caliber workout.

Elliptical stride

16" diameter stride

The stride length is is pretty standard at 16".

Display/control panel

  • Jumbo LCD screen
  • Time
  • Distance
  • RPM
  • Pulse rate
  • Room temperature
  • Optimum pulse range workouts

As well as having a great feedback system, the Smooth ME offers a fitness rating system. The system basically monitors your pulse rate and tells you if you have improved your cardiovascular fitness. An interesting little option.


  • None


  • Sturdy

Maximum user weight: 270 pounds

The frame is very sturdy and solid. It's made of a steel tubing frame for superior strength. The Smooth ME elliptical trainer also contains floor levellers underneath the frame's rear base for stabilization on uneven floors.

Heart rate monitor

  • No
  • Pulse sensors on the handle bars

To get your heart rate reading, put your hands on the front handle bars. Optional wireless heart rate kit available for an additional $69.00

Dual action handle bars

  • Yes

The Smooth ME elliptical trainer also offers cross training for a total body workout. This will improve the overall workout, offering weight bearing training while adding to the overall calorie burning effect. A true total body workout.

The bars are ergonomically correct ensuring correct back and arm posture during exercise.

Warranty and service

  • Lifetime frame
  • 2 year parts
  • 1 year labour

Smooth has one of the best warranties in each of it's ellipticals price range with the exception of ellipticals over $2,500. Anything below this price point and it's very hard to beat Smooth's warranty. For a complete description of the warranty, see this page here .

All shipping is made within 3 business days and takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days to reach final destination.

Price/cost effectiveness

  • $899.00 includes shipping

The Smooth ME elliptical trainer offers some outstanding features that you won't find on any other elliptical trainer in this price range. Dollar for dollar, this is a fantastic elliptical trainer.

Smooth deals with factory direct pricing. What does this mean to you? To the customer it means better savings. You don't have to pay any retail price as you would with a merchant. Smooth eliminates the middle man and deals directly with the customer.

Special features

Smooth also uses top of the line parts for their elliptical trainers. By using top grade sealed ball bearings, placed at all pivotal and drive points, it ensures that you get a top grade ride that's smooth, quiet and sleek.

You'll also appreciate the fact that you won't be replacing the bearings any time soon like you would on cheaper models.

I like the fact that Smooth offers a recovery pulse feature. This neat little feature calculates a fitness rating from 1 to 6 allowing the user to set fitness goals. This way, the exerciser can track his or her cardiovascular conditioning.

If you are looking for solid elliptical trainer for under a $1,000 than you might want to consider the Smooth ME elliptical trainer.

* Note - The Smooth ME has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced by a newer model, the Smooth CE 2.0. This model is very similar to the ME in all aspects.


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