Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer Review

Smooth Fitness CE Elliptical Trainer

At first, I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I reviewed the Smooth CE elliptical trainer I heard what a fantastic elliptical trainer this was based on the reviews it was getting.

Just what is that makes the Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer($1,799.00) such a popular elliptical trainer? Well, there are a couple of reasons why it is so popular.

Firstly, it has adjustable peddles. This plays a significant role if you have two exercisers in your family who are totally opposites when it comes to height. If you have one person who is 5' 2" and another who is 6' 4" , the Smooth CE elliptical trainer can adjust it’s peddles without compromising stride.

Since the frame is fairly large, the peddles can adjust to match any height without compromising structural integrity. This is something you won’t find on most elliptical trainers in this price range.

Secondly, the Smooth CE elliptical trainer is a very quiet elliptical trainer. By using a heavy fly wheel, it produces a solid and sleek stride that’s both effective and quiet. The Smooth CE also uses electromagnetic variable resistance that adds to the quietness.

These are the two points that make this elliptical trainer different than most trainers in this price range.


  • Length: 4.7' (57 In)
  • Width: 1.8' (22 In)
  • Height: 5' (60 In)
  • Weight: 155 pounds

Quiet operation

  • Very quiet

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer is one of the quietest elliptical trainers on the market today. The Smooth CE uses a heavy fly wheel (48 pounds) that produces a clean and quiet ride.

What’s so great about a heavy fly wheel? The flywheel basically propels the actual movement. The fly wheel is located at the base of the elliptical trainer. By using a heavy fly wheel, the Smooth CE elliptical produces a steady, sleek stroke that isn't choppy or noisy.

Combine this with the electromagnetic variable resistance system and you get a steady and fluid movement with just enough resistance to not cause a racket but enough to give you a good smooth workout.

The Smooth CE trainer also uses top of the line parts for their elliptical trainers. By using top grade sealed ball bearings, placed at all pivotal and drive points, it ensures that you get a top grade ride that's smooth and sleek.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Electromagnetic variable resistance
  • Adjustable peddles

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer uses an electromagnetic variable resistance system. The resistance system allows the user to choose what kind of workouts to use for their fitness needs. Very quiet and very reliable.

One of the great things about the Smooth CE is the fact that it uses adjustable foot peddles. By using adjustable foot peddles, it ensures the exercises gets the most from an elliptical workout despite his/her height.

This way you can adjust the foot peddles to match that of your own needs. Let's say you have two exercisers in your family. One is 5' 6" and the other is 6'. The adjustable peddles allow the exercisers to both get the same kind of workout regardless of their height. The Smooth CE is totally adjustable. Take a look at the following image.

The adjustable peddles also allow you to work different muscle groups. Simply adjust the peddles and you can work different parts of the body.

Elliptical stride

The orbital arc on the Smooth CE elliptical has a full range given the fact that the adjustable peddles makes up for any short range stride.

Display/control panel

  • LCD screen
  • Performance in watts
  • Number cycles
  • Time
  • Energy expended in kilojoules
  • Distance
  • Total kilometers
  • Speed
  • Room temperature
  • Pulse

The display/control panel loaded with features on an easy to read LCD screen. The LCD screen allows you to easily and readily see how you are doing in terms of you speed, distance, time and calories burned. The training computer is quite reliable and very accurate.

There are plenty of feedback indicators to help you assess your current workout condition. The only problem I have with the features is that the energy readout is in kilojoules and not calories. I’m not that familiar with kilojoules but if you don’t find this a big deal then it shouldn’t pose a problem.


  • 7 preset programmes

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer comes with 7 pre set programmes. With the Smooth CE you simply pick a workout, enter the length, and off you go. The programs are time fixed so you can’t adjust the time intervals. Other than that, the programmes are challenging enough for the most advanced exerciser.


  • Sturdy and durably constructed
  • Compact, solid construction. Made from solid steel
  • Maximum user weight: 325 pounds

A very tough and sturdy elliptical trainer. I like the fact that it can support up to 325 pounds.

Heart rate monitor

  • Ear clip
  • Pulse sensor
  • Optional wireless heart rate kit

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer comes with an ear clip and contact pulse sensors. Simply grab the front handle bars and you can get a pulse reading. You can also purchase an optional heart rate kit for $69.00.

Dual action handle bars

  • Yes

The Smooth CE elliptical comes with dual action handle bars so have the option of having a total body workout. The bars are also ergonomically correct ensuring correct back and arm posture during exercise.

Warranty and service

  • Lifetime frame
  • 2 year parts
  • 1 year labour
  • 1 year light commercial use- parts and labour

As with the Smooth Me, the Smooth CE elliptical trainer offers a warranty that is an industry leader. Life time frame, 2 year parts and 1 year labour is quite fantastic given the price. Smooth offers service agreements that covers all of the United States and selected areas of Canada and Mexico.

Outside of the United States, the warranty and service agreements will differ. If you live outside of the United States, make sure you go over all warranty and service agreements with Smooth prior to ordering.

There are slight variations in the warranty packages from the United States and Canada.

The service at Smooth Fitness is top rated. Not to be outdone, Smooth Fitness ensures that their customer service is number one in the industry.

All shipping is made within 3 business days and takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days to reach final destination.

Price/cost effectiveness

  • $1,799 includes shipping

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer is quite an effective elliptical trainer. The features and programmes are excellent and the comfort and quality are top rated.

The adjustable peddles really make this elliptical trainer an outstanding elliptical machine. I like an elliptical trainer that works with an individual as opposed to against.

Combine that with a super smooth, whisper quiet action, quality construction, outstanding features and great customer support and you have yourself a pretty good elliptical trainer.

Special features

The Smooth CE comes with castor wheels on the base of the elliptical trainer. Simply tilt the elliptical trainer forward and move it to its new destination. There are also floor levellers for uneven floors.

The Smooth CE elliptical trainer also uses something called electromagnetic eddy current braking system. The eddy current braking system is more powerful than conventional elliptical braking systems. This produces a safe, reliable and frictionless braking system.

Very solid frame and heavy fly wheel. Both of these mechanical features produces a very sleek and quiet ride.

Overall the Smooth CE Elliptical is a pretty solid elliptical trainer capable of handling a user weight of 325 pounds. It's solid, reliable and quiet.

This elliptical trainer receives top grade.


*Unfortunately, this elliptical has been discontinued by Smooth Fitness. A newer model called the Smooth CE 2.1 has replaced this model. A review of this model can be seen here.

All the best,


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