Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer Review

Smooth Fitness 7.4 Elliptical Trainer

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The Smooth CE 7.4 is a one of the new additions to the Smooth line of elliptical trainers.

This particular elliptical trainer is one of Smooth’s top of the line trainers. This is the heaviest and most sturdy elliptical trainer that Smooth offers.

This trainer is very comparable to other high end models and is a commercial grade elliptical trainer. The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical trainer comes with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from Smooth and the trainer is quite sturdy and durable. Overall, a nice looking elliptical trainer that’s built to last.


  • Length: 7' (85 In)
  • Width: 2.7' (33.5 In)
  • Height: 5.25' (63 In)
  • Weight: 210 Pounds

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is a heavy weight elliptical trainer that weights about 210 pounds. This is the heaviest elliptical model that smooth offers since this model is made of heavier materials for longer lasting life. The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is built for life.

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer has a heavy gauge oval steel frame which is engineered to be strong and stylish. This is one heavy elliptical trainer that is nearing commercial grade solidness.

The smooth 7.4 elliptical trainer comes with wheels on the back of the trainer so if you want to move it around, you can pick up the front end and wheel to wherever you want to go. However, since this unit it the heaviest that smooth offers, I would say the smooth 7.4 is more of a stationary elliptical since you don’t want to be dragging around 210 pounds in your home.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Electronic eddy current magnetic variable resistance
  • 16 resistance levels - Forward and backwards
  • No peddle adjustment

Smooth elliptical trainers are known for their quiet operation. The smooth 7.4 elliptical trainer uses eddy current magnetic resistance which is standard on higher end elliptical models.

There are 16 resistance levels that you can choose from. I like the fact that you can choose from 16 different resistance levels because it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or and advanced trainer, you have all your bases covered.

Most high end elliptical models will offer at least 16 resistance levels. Compared to the precor models (which offers 20 resistance levels), the smooth 7.4 elliptical trainer falls in line. So you know the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is offering more than enough challenges through it’s resistance levels.

Although there are no peddle adjustments on the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer, there is really no need for it. The elliptical stride is set at 19" so it can accommodate all users no matter how tall they are. And since the 7.4 elliptical trainer has oversized foot peddles, it can be used by all individuals in your household.

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer offers something called “ergonomic, pivoting foot pedals”. Basically, it means the peddle moves and adjusts to the movement of your foot - sort of like what a bicycle does. Most elliptical trainers on the market today have fixed foot positions which forces your ankles to stretch. By having pivoting foot peddles, you foot follows it’s natural path along the elliptical motion. All in all, a more natural movement that lessens the impact on your joints - Which is what you want.

The flywheel on the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is heavy duty. Since smooth doesn’t use rollers on it’s elliptical trainers, there are no snags or bumps felt when you are on it. Like a lot of elliptical trainers on the market today, rollers are used.

The fly wheel is a heavy duty model made for heavy use and if you combine that with it’s super quiet magnetic resistance, you get a pretty smooth ride. Remember, a larger flywheel usually offers a better ride because it can handle more exercise intensity.

Elliptical stride

  • 19" Diameter stride

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer has an expansive 19" stride that can accommodate all users in your family. As with all of the precor models, the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer uses a 19" elliptical stride that can be used by just about anyone - No matter how tall you are.

Remember, the more expansive the elliptical stride, the more beneficial it’s going to be you in terms of getting the most of your exercise. A full range of motion will always be better for you.

Display/control panel

  • LED screen with course profile
  • course profile
  • RPM
  • speed
  • watts
  • time
  • distance
  • pulse
  • heart rate
  • calories - total amount of calories burned
  • resistance level
  • metabolic equivalents
  • target heart rate
  • Power supply- AC adapter

There is plenty of read outs to keep anyone quite happy. These features are high end and will keep you well informed as to the progress of your fitness. The 4 window LED screens are a gym quality features. The screen is a dot matrix and it’s only something you see in gym quality exercise equipment. Actually, most gyms only have dot matrix LED or LCD screens so you know this screen is top quality. Dot matrix screens allow you to track your progress as you complete each program. See below.

This is a very impressive lineup of readouts. The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer also comes with a wireless heart rate monitor. Set your preferred heart rate, strap on the chest monitor and the resistance of your routines will automatically be adjusted as your heart rate changes. Actually, this is a pretty cool program because you exercise according to your heart rate as opposed to your heart rate matching that of the exercise. Most times, you have to totally exhaust yourself to match the exercise.

This way, you set the program according to your heart rate and presto, you exercise according to your desired heart rate.

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer has all of the electronic goodies for you to look at while you are exercising. You can monitor all aspects of your training easily and efficiently. The training computer is quite reliable and very accurate.

Simply plug the adapter into your wall socket and off you go.


  • 8 programs
    MET - Metabolic equivalent program
    Fat burning
    Automatic interval
    Fitness level test
    Target heart rate

These are some pretty standard programs that usually comes with high end elliptical trainers. I like that fact that this particular elliptical comes with a strength program. You can bet that’s a pretty strenuous program! In comparison with the precor 5.17 ($2,799) and the 5.19 ($2,799) which only comes with 3 programs, the smooth ce 7.4 offers a more programs that seem a lot more interesting.

I also like the fact that it comes with a fitness level test. You will only find fitness tests on commercial grade elliptical trainers. Precor only offers fitness tests on only their top elliptical trainers, which start at $3,700.


  • Sturdy and durably constructed
  • Extra-heavy, welded steel double frame
  • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds

At 210 pounds, the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is built to last. You won’t find any squeaks or wobbles going on with this machine. You also won’t find the elliptical machine jerking or grabbing as with other cheaper models.

The smooth ce 7.4 can support up to 350 pounds. Most elliptical trainers in this price range can only support up to 300 pounds. I am very impressed that an elliptical trainer can support this kind of weight for under $2,000. You simply will not find this kind of support on any other elliptical trainer for under $2,000.

Heart rate monitor

  • Yes

The unit comes with a wireless heart rate attachment. Also comes with hand pulse sensors. If you prefer to use the hand pulse sensors, simply wrap you hands around the handle bars and presto, you have your pulse rate.

Dual action handle bars

  • Yes

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer comes with dual action handle bars so have the option of having a total body workout.

Warranty and service

  • Frame and breaks: Life time
  • Parts 3 years
  • Electronics 3 years
  • Labor 1 Year
  • Shipping and handling included
  • Usually ships in 2 to 4 business days (1 to 2 weeks with the turnkey service)
  • 30 day money back no questions guarantee
  • Turnkey service - In home service possible (delivered, unpacked, and assembled)- extra charge

When I review elliptical trainers, one of the first things I look at are the warranty and guarantee packages. If I see a weak warranty, it usually sends warning flags that this product may also be weak. Really, how confident are you in an elliptical trainer if the manufacture isn’t even confident enough to stand behind their own product?

With that being said, Smooth has a pretty good warranty package with regards to their products. All of their models come with a standard lifetime frame warranty with at least 2 years on parts and electronics, and 1 year labour with a 30 day money back guarantee. Compared to other elliptical manufacturers, a pretty good warranty package that says they have confidence in their product.

This is a pretty solid warranty package that says this company stands behind their product. If you are interested in the Smooth CE 7.4 or any other Smooth products, I strongly suggest you get the “turnkey” assistance.

The shipper will unload, place, and setup your treadmill anywhere in your home or office and remove packing materials. I believe the cost is around $95.00 but well worth it since self assembly can be a hassle and if you don’t know what your doing, you might just construct your elliptical backwards. The sales page for the smooth ce 2.1 says minimal assembly but, after looking at the user’s manual, I felt dizzy and confused.

Unless you are very confident in your construction abilities, go with the turnkey service.

Now, there is one thing that I must mention about the customer service here. I sent an email to Smooth regarding some technical specs about the smooth models and the email was replied to almost instantly. It was both courteous and well informed. I did this three times and every time, the response was within one hour - one was even out of business hours, all with the respect and courtesy of a valued customer. Very impressive.

I believe there is delivery to all States.

Price/cost effectiveness

  • $1,999 U.S

I believe this price is reflective of a top end elliptical trainer without the top end price. The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is very comparable to the precor 5.17 in terms of it’s quality components and top end construction process. You also get plenty of feed back on quality screens as well as 8 professional level programs.

If you are the type of person who really wants a precor quality elliptical machine without having to pay over $2,000, this elliptical trainer may be for you. It has the look and feel of a commercial grade elliptical trainer without the steep price. You won’t find a better elliptical trainer for under $2,000.

The smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer is well made, the company stands behind their product via the warranty package, and has all the necessary features that you would find on high end elliptical models.

You, as a consumer are getting top end construction with enough electronic goodies to keep you going from beginner to advanced.

The customer service speaks for itself. You can really tell by the customer service whether or not a company truly wants and deserves your loyalty. I’m impressed by the level of customer service from Smooth.

Special features

  • Pivotal peddles;
  • Floor stabilizers;
  • Wireless heart rate monitor;
  • Hand pulse sensors;
  • Tilt and go transportation

I really can’t see anything wrong with the smooth ce 7.4 elliptical trainer. It has everything I’m looking for in an elliptical trainer. It’s built for heavy use. It can support over 300 pounds quite easily without wobbling or squeaking. It has a nice 19" elliptical stride for a full range of motion. It has a gym quality LED dot matrix readout with plenty of feed back indicators. It has plenty of programs to choose from. It is also backed up by a solid warranty.

The smooth ce 7.4 has the same solid and sturdy feel as some of the elliptical trainers you are used to in your local gym. If your looking for professional results on a commercial grade elliptical trainer, than the smooth 7.4 elliptical trainer may be what your looking for.

You won’t find better value than with the smooth 7.4 ce elliptical trainer.

A very solid.... A+

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