Smooth 9.3 treadmill review

The Smooth 9.3 uses a powerful continous 3.0 motor that powers a huge deck capable of supporting over 500 pounds. The 9.3 is a 345 pound heavy duty, uni body steel frame that provides stability, comfort and a solid feel.

At $2,899, you won't find a better model, even one that's double the price. The Smooth 9.3 motor is industrial quality with oversize construction. Weighing in at 30 lbs, it is the largest motor available in its class. The Balder motor is the cadillac of the treadmill motors. It is known for its power, dependability, and whisper quiet operation. The 9.3 is the quietest treadmill on the market.

The motor also uses a dual fan cooling system to keep the tempature running at or below acceptable temperatures. This keeps the motor out of the shop which saves you time and money.

Another great feature of the Smooth 9.3 is the electronics system. The 9.3 uses a system called I-3 intelligent electronics that is state of the art. The system basically acts as a personal trainer. It will guide the user all the way from the moment you turn on the electronics console to the time your turn it off. There is no confusion as the system will basically tell you which button to push next.

The system is quite impressive allowing the user to choose from a myriad of programs and intensities or to totally customize the workout. A truly amazing exercise system.

Heart Rate Control is precisely what it's name implies: The Smooth 9.3 reads your heart rate, and adjusts itself to keep you within a target range. Here's how it works:

The equipment has a heart rate receiver inside the console. You wear a wireless heart rate monitor/transmitter (like the one shown at right), which fastens around your upper abdominals. The wireless monitor transmits your heart rate to the receiver in the unit. The unit then adjusts the intensity of your workout until your heart rate is in your preset zone.

The Smooth 9.3 comes with a unique single channel heart rate control. This feature eliminates any interference with TV's, radios, vibrations, electrical currents, etc.

Having heart rate control in your treadmill ensures you get the most out of your workout. It is very accurate and convenient.

The 9.3 also uses a whisper weave belt that is 2 ply allowing for an extra quiet walk or run.

A major component in providing no hesitation walking/running and long treadbelt life is the roller system. In design, there is no substitute for size. Basically, the larger the better. That's why commercial treadmills will oversize the roller design with very large diameters. (2.5" diameter, 22" tube length with 5/8" solid shaft)

Large rollers can offer the following advantages:

Treadbellts can run with less tension. Less tension results in longer life to both the belt and roller bearings. This is because the larger roller diameter has more area to "grip" the belt (traction) and prevent slippage.

Large rollers turn more slowly at all speeds. This obviously reduces bearing wear. The Smooth 9.3 rollers operate 43% slower than True or Precor treadmills.

Increased load capacity bearings are standard with Smooth 9.3 roller design. Small rollers mean small bearings. Large bearings in rollers mean large load capacity, upt to 40% more! This adds longer life.

Treadbelt doesn't have to bend as sharp as it is forced over larger rollers. Support fibers (polyester) in the belt will last longer by staying cooler and not flexing as much. The more flex, the more heat, especially on a very tight belt (necessary to prevent slippage) with units using small rollers.

Larger rollers have more surface mass to absorb treadmill belt heat. Treadbelts can run hot! The cooler they operate, the better. The backing lasts longer, the splice is stronger and the PVC top coat doesn't "migrate" (bleed through) to the deck (causing friction).

Better precision bearing alignment is maintained. Because with large roller size, you also get much more strength. Larger axles (bigger bearings) are also stronger to minimize flexing between the mounting points of the roller.

Custom-engineered rollers used in the Smooth 9.3 series allow for future belt tensioning as the deck belt stretches slightly over the life of the belt. Over-tightening a belt can cause the rollers' shaft to flex, causing mis-alignment of the roller bearings. This mis-alignment can cause pre-mature roller failure. Our engineers designed a thicker shaft, and coupled it with roller seats, where the flex will be minimized and mis-alignment of roller bearings virtually disappears, making for longer-life rollers.

You will think that your Smooth 9.3 treadmill is reading your mind once you turn the electronic panel on. The software is programmed to prompt the user in selecting which button to push next. The goal of designing the 9.3 was to design a user friendly state-of-the-art interface, which it is.

With four preset programs, each offering nine different levels of intensity, there are challenges for everyone. It provides cumulative feedback on total miles, calories burned, hours or use, minutes per mile, etc. Furthermore, this intelligent electronics has diagnostic functions that allow for over-the-phone service analysis.

Overall, the Smooth 9.3 treadmill is an excellent treadmill and I have no problem recommending it to people who are serious about exercising. This one is built for serious exercising.

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