Smooth 9.25X Treadmill Review

Smooth 9.25 treadmill

About The Smooth 9.25X Treadmill

  • Weight: 304lbs

The 9.25X Treadmill is Smooth ' s top of the line treadmill and most expensive. At ($3,499), the Smooth 9.25X is a top end, residential treadmill. There are various features on the Smooth 9.25X that separate it from the rest of it ' s competition and makes it one of the most exciting treadmills in this particular price range.

After reviewing the 9.25X, I noticed the following outstanding features:

- Powerful 3.5 continuous motor;
- Super long tread belt at 62”;
- 4-Ply Whisper Weave Orthopedic Belt
- Nine User Profiles
- 12 preset programs

This is the most powerful motor your going to find on a residential treadmill. At 3.5 continuous horsepower, it is very close to the commercial speed and power of the popular 4.0 continuous horsepower motors, which you will find on most club model treadmills.

Also, the tread belt is the longest in it ' s class at a super, 62” in length.

This tread belt will accommodate the longest and most expansive stride from even the most avid runner.

The 4-ply orthopedic belt is simply fantastic. The belt is super smooth and very gentle on the feet and knees.

A feature that I found to be remarkable is the Heart Rate Control with wireless chest strap. You just strap it on and the rest is history. It monitors your heart rate and even automatically adjusts the intensity of your workout depending on your heart rate goals! This is just one of the many luxury features you will find on this treadmill.

The Smooth Premium Sound System provides exceptional audio output and has the speakers molded into the console in order to enhance your fitness workout. Listen to music or watch television and listen through these speakers.

Direct Competitors:

LifeFitness T50 ($3,499)

Precor 9.33 ($3,499)

SportsArt TR32 ($3,499)


  • 85” x 37”
  • Weight 304 pounds
  • Belt size 20” x 62”

The Smooth 9.25X is a pretty heavy treadmill. The 9.25X has a great combination of size and weight that will handle both, heavy body weight and light jogging. It has the largest dimensions of it ' s competitors, and offers enough weight to stabilize that weight and plant it solidly on the ground.

It also employs a 4-ply Orthopedic Non-slip Belt that measures in at a sizeable 20”x 62” that can support an individual of up to 400lbs. The belt size alone is one of the most impressive features on the 9.25X. The size of this tread belt will ensure that you are going to get the most expansive stride you can possibly take without running out of room. The 9.25X treadmill has the most expansive stride out of all its direct competitors. Here are the competitors treadmill sizes:

LifeFitness T50
- 81” x 32”
- Weight 320 pounds;
- Belt size 22” x 60”

Precor 9.33
79” x 34”
- Weight 285 pounds;
- Belt size 20” x 57”

SportsArt TR32
79” x 33”
- Weight 350 pounds;
- 22” x 61”

I feel that you are getting a very solid treadmill without the heavier than average weight. A nice combination of size and weight that will greatly add to the stability of the Smooth 9.25X Treadmill.

Speed/Incline Control

  • 15 levels of incline (1%-15%)
  • Speeds of up to 12.5 mph

Easily adjust the speed and incline from the center console on the treadmill. Just press up or down on either incline or speed to adjust to your liking. This model features Exclusive Impression Shock Absorption technology, which lowers the amount of impact on your back and joints while using. The speed and incline of the Smooth 9.25X is pretty standard in this price range. However, the Smooth 5.25X is about .5 MPH faster than the rest of the competition. This means that you can run a little faster than you can on the other treadmills in this price range.

This model boasts a very powerful 3.5 Continuous Horsepower motor that is built for a long life of silent operating. There are 2 motor fans to keep this motor cool, which helps extend its life even more. This is the most impressive feature on the Smooth 9.25X treadmill. The motor is a monster with a 3.5 continuous horsepower motor. Let ' s take a look at the competitors motors:

LifeFitness T50 - 3.0 Continuous Motor;

Precor 9.33 – 3.0 Continuous Motor;

SportsArt TR32 - 3.2 Continuous Motor;

Personally, I will always go with a more powerful motor. A powerful motor will always ensure that your treadmill is quiet, smooth and can handle the wear and tear of heavy, everyday use. Simply take a quick look at Precor ' s and LifeFitness ' top commercial treadmills and both come with a 4.0 Continuous motor.


- Premium Sound System;
- Incline;
- Speed;
- Time;
- Calories;
- Distance;
- Heart Rate/ Heart Rate Zone;
- Programs;
- Pace;
- ¼ mile running track

The display console looks like something you would see at NASA. I love it! See the image below.

In general, I'm not a big fan of Smooth's consoles, but this one is great and is probably one of their best read out features that they offer.

Most of these are all standard on most treadmill. The Heart Rate Zone is a rare feature which allows you to check your heart rate to see if your in a warm-up, fat burning, aerobic, or athletic conditioning state.

I also love the ¼ mile running track. By using a running track, you get a better feel for the exercise at hand and it gives you a great feed back feature.


- 12 programs

- Quick Start/Manual Program -

- Time Goal Program -

- Distance Goal Program -

- Calorie Goal Program -

- 20-Minute Comfort Jog Program -

- 30-Minute Comfort Jog Program -

- Killer Hills Program -

- Speed Interval Program -

- Weight Loss Program -

- Custom Course 1-3 -

- Heart Rate Control Program

These programs are pretty standard on treadmills at this price range.


  • 400lb User Capacity
  • Treadmill Weight - 304lbs
  • Superior Uni-Weld Frame

This treadmill can stand up to even the most vigorous training sessions. At a solid 304 pounds, the 9.25X will hold 250+ pounds running at a brisk pace, even in an incline position. You won ' t find any wobbles on this treadmill.

This is one heavy treadmill that is built to last. The Uni-Weld Frame only adds to the durability of this behemoth of a treadmill. By using a uni-weld frame, as opposed to a nut and bolt treadmill, you are ensuing top stability at top running speeds.

Heart Rate Monitor

  • Contact pulse pads
  • Wireless chest strap

Heart Rate Control with wireless chest strap. The treadmill determines a preset maximum target heart rate based upon your sex, height, weight and age. (Or you can adjust settings to whatever maximum target workout rate you want.)

The wireless control works through a receiver inside the console. The wireless monitor transmits your heart rate to the receiver in the unit. The unit then adjusts the intensity of your workout automatically until your heart rate is in your preset zone. Having heart rate control in your fitness equipment ensures you get the most out of your workout. However, I would have like to have seen more than one heart rate workout program on the Smooth 9.25X treadmill.


  • Lifetime Warranty on all parts, frame, and motor;
  • 1 year labor;
  • 30 day return

This is the best warranty for a treadmill in the $3,500 range. That means you're not going to find a better warranty on any other treadmill at this price point or below. This proves to me that Smooth is standing behind this product 100% and is putting their name on the line that this is the best residential treadmill for $3,500. Let's take a quick look at Smooth's 9.25X main competitors warranties:

Precor 9.33i Treadmill Warranty:

- Lifetime frame and welds;
- 10 year parts and wear items;
- 1 year labor

Lifefitness T50 Treadmill Warranty:

- Lifetime frame and shock absorbers;
- 10 years motor;
- 7 years electronics and parts;
- 1 year labor

Sportsart TR32 Treadmill Warranty:

Lifetime frame and parts;
10 year electronics;
1 year labor;
Wear items not covered.

If a return is necessary, you get a 30-day “trial period”. You must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for the product and pay shipping costs to send it back (although I must say I don ' t really see anyone returning this product unless it ' s broken).

Price/Cost Effectiveness/Rating

  • $3499 at Smooth Fitness website (payments from $97/month)
  • Price includes shipping to the nearest trucking depot for pick up;
  • Curbside delivery - Call for pricing;
  • Delivery and set up - Call for pricing;

I do have a minor issue with Smooth's pricing policy and shipping. Smooth says on it's website that free shipping is included in the price but it doesn't say where it's being shipped to. In fact, the 9.25X will be shipped to the nearest pick up depot in your area. Who wants to pick up a treadmill at the nearest shipping depot? I know I don't.

Also, I don't like the fact that Smooth doesn't offer a price for curbside deliver or delivery and set up on their website. These services can be as much as an additional $200 for all we know. You have to call Smooth for pricing information for these services. However, it will depend on your location.

However, most other treadmills in this price range do not have these services readily available since manufacturers don't have a direct relationship with the customer, unlike Smooth Fitness. Each retailer will have their own pricing and shipping policies. If Smooth was to throw in free curbside shipping, this feature would put the Smooth 9.25X over the top.

The price is supposedly marked down from $4897, but I don ' t believe that they ever actually sold this model at that price. It would still be worth the “original” price in my mind, though. This is a commercial treadmill available for home use. You get an unbeatable warranty, incredible durability, all the basics you ' ll ever need and a wide variety of luxury features that will keep you loving this treadmill for the entire duration of ownership. This is a very low maintenance treadmill as well that runs very quietly, almost silent. Anyone looking for the best in home treadmill equipment should seriously consider this model.

Here are the features that separate the Smooth 9.25X from it's competitors:

  • The most powerful motor at 3.5 continuous horsepower;
  • The longest tread belt at 62”;
  • Best warranty;
  • Largest frame;

The Smooth 9.25X is my top pick for treadmills at the $3,000 to $3,500 range.



All the best,


As the owner of Building Muscle 101, I am committed to providing you the best practical weight training advice. I've been training for over 24 years (and still train to this day!) and the advice and guidance I provide comes directly from my experience and knowledge.

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