Six Star Body Fuel Nitric Oxide Review

six star nitric oxide

The supplement for this review is called Nitric Oxide Stimulator by Six Star Body Fuel. The cost for this supplement is $20 for 100 capsules.

I liked it because it works. It increases strength, endurance, recovery, and provided me with some muslce mass.

I went from a bench press of 235 to 255 in 3 to 4 weeks. (I work out 3 times a week) and noticed that my muscles got bigger, fuller and harder.

Out of a possible 5, I give this supplement a 5

Review submitted by: Mark

*Editors Note*

This particular supplement is manufactured by a company called Six Star Muscle. The company operates out of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I believe that this particular formula has been discontinued. The new formula is now called "Professional Strength Nitric Oxide Overdrive".

The cost for a 100 capsule bottle is about $20 CAD. One serving consists of 3 capsules and contains the following ingredients:

2.8 grams consisting of:

• L-arginine Hydrochloride
• Creatine Monohydrate
• L-arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate
• L-leucine
• L-valine

I wasn't able to find out what the exact amounts were of each. I'm going to assume that the bulk of the ingredients are arginine. There are approximately 33 servings in each container (provided you have only 3 capsules per day). The cost per serving is $.60 (for 3 capsules) and per capsule, costs $.20.

According to the website, doses depend on the size of the individual. Women under 125 pounds are advised to take two doses of two capsules per day. Women over 125 pounds are advised to two doses of three capsules per day.

Men who weight under 200 pounds are advised to take two doses of 3 capsules per day. Men over 200 pounds are advised to take two doses of 4 capsules per day.

Please be advised that creatine is in the formulation. Evidence has shown that creatine works at promoting strength gains. Evidence has not shown that arginine promotes strength or muscle gains.


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