Can Saw Palmetto Help Build Muscle?

Saw palmetto

Lately, there has been talk of whether or not saw palmetto helps to build muscle.

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Saw palmetto is sold as the ripe berries of the fan palm. Saw palmetto is a herbal extract used to help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP).

BHP is a noncancerous condition in which an overgrowth of prostate tissue pushes against the urethra and the bladder blocking the flow of urine.

Purportedly, saw palmetto helps to increase urinary flow, cuts the frequency of urination, and makes it easier to pee.

However, there has also been evidence that saw palmetto helps to stop the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is DHT that is responsible to male pattern baldness and for this reason, a lot of people are trying saw palmetto to treat their hair loss.

Now, there has also been talk of whether or not saw palmetto helps to build muscle. I'm not sure where this comes from but I'm assuming it's because of the misconception that saw palmetto has androgenic properties (growth). As far as I know, it doesn't.

I've tried saw palmetto for about 3 months and the one thing that I didn't notice from this product was any new muscle on my body. I have a little bit of thinning going on near the edges of my crown so I bought it to see if it would help with that. I really had no idea that weight trainers were buying this stuff to see if it would help with building muscle.

I bought the capsule formula and took about 3 capsules, 2 times per day. In terms of strength gains from the product, I didn't get anything. In terms of new muscle growth, I didn't get anything.

Actually, I really didn't get anything new from this product. Generally, I can usually tell a difference in my body when I try a new product. I keep a very close eye on the supplements that I take and when I introduce a new product, I make sure to monitor all my supplements.

Once I introduce a new product, I can usually tell in a matter of weeks if there is any change going on in my body. In order to give the new supplement a chance, I'll stay on the supplement for a minimum of 8 weeks.

I tried taking this supplement at varying times throughout the day and to be honest, I got nothing. However, if your looking for something that may help with BHP, you may want to give this product a try.

If you are thinking about buying saw palmetto because you heard it may help you build muscle, I'd say save your money and buy something that works. Try using well established creatine products such as the ones listed on the following page:

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