Rowing Exercise Equipment Information

Using rowing exercise equipment is a great way to get into shape.

Whether it be for building muscle or aerobic exercise, rowing machines for exercise is a great way to add a new angle to your training and exercise.

A rowing machine is designed to simulate the action of pulling yourself in a row boat.

With rowing exercise equipment, you can do this in the comfort of your own home, on your terms.

Indoor rowing is a great way to get in shape that works you lower body as well as your upper body. Rowing is a great high intensity exercise that is easy on your knees and joints that builds great aerobic power. If you're looking for a total body workout, you will absolutely love rowing.

Here are just some of the benefits you can get from using rowing exercise equipment:

- Rowing is a great way to develop your legs and butt because they do a tremendous amount of work when your rowing. You will also develop strong abdominal muscles because you'll contract your abdominal muscles when you're rowing. When you constantly contract your abdominal muscles, they get stronger

- Because your using all four limbs, you'll get a great cardio workout. If you are trying to lose weight, you'll burn mega calories with rowing exercises

- Rowing exercise equipment allows you to workout on your own time, at you own pace at home or in the gym

You can find rowing exercise equipment at most gyms, so you don't necessarily have to buy one unless you are really keen on one.

You can either buy a used one or a new one but beware of the older models. Make sure that the older models have not become creaky or damaged over the years

Here's what to look for if you are going to buy rowing exercise equipment:

- Make sure the rowing equipment is sturdy with ample seat and adjustable foot pads. The foot pads should be easy to adjust and the rowing exercise equipment should remain steady and solid on the floor.

When you row, the only parts of your body that should be touching are your hands, feet, and backside. Pay attention to how comfortable you are in the seat

- Make sure you have enough space to accommodate rowing exercise equipment. Rowing machines are at least six feet long so if you're buying rowing exercise equipment, you'll need to make sure you have enough room for it at home

- You can get rowing machines with air or wind resistance. Air and water resistance give a smoother ride than the piston resistance machines. Air and water resistance rowers more closely simulate an outdoor rowing experience.

Some rowing machines actually use a water flywheel for resistance so it closely simulates an outdoor water rowing experience. You can adjust the water level to increase of decrease the levels of resistance.

Water rowers provide an actual water rowing experience that provide vibration free seat and handle which allows you to exercise in complete silence

Using rowing exercise equipment

If done properly, rowing is a fluid, flowing motion. What you want to do is grasp the handle in an overhand grip while placing your feet in the foot pads. Your butt should be firmly in the seat.

When you start rowing, the seat glides along a track as your legs flex and extend. Your arms should straighten and bend as you pull yourself through the exercise.

As you start the exercise, move backward. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angles with your shoulders moving backwards and moving towards each other. As you move forward, your arms should straighten.

It's very important to properly execute the exercise. Take your time and learn to row properly. It's also advisable to ask an experienced rower how to properly row.


- Concentrate on using your legs and buttocks rather than your lower back. Don't fully straighten your knees

- Do not round your back. Keep your back straight and avoid hunching as this will definitely give you back pain

- Pull the handle in a smooth continuos stroke

- Do not lock your knees or your elbows when you are at either end of the stroke.

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