Reebok CYC12 Exercise Bike Review

reebok cyc 12 recumbent bike

The Reebok CYC12 exercise bike is an outstanding recumbent exercise bike. With the CYC12 you get the following features:

-6 pre programmed workouts that allow you variety and challenge in your workouts

-Magnetic resistance system for a quiet and smooth ride

-Crisp, clear and easy to read LCD read out

-Displays speed, time, calories burned, distance and pulse

-Displays the amount of time you've been riding

-Keeps track of your heart rate. Exercise in your target heart rate zone

-Fully adjustable handle bars

-Water bottle holder

The most important aspects to the CYC12 exercise bike is the comfort. You get one of the most comfortable seats available. Both men and women will absolutely love the comfort you get from the CYC12. For those exercisers with bad backs, the CYC12 exercise bike will provide you with outstanding comfort and support. The CYC12 is fully contoured.

Along with a smooth and quiet ride, the Reebok CYC12 Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the better recumbent bikes you'll find in this price range.

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