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Muscle Tech Pump Tech

The supplement I'm reviewing is called PumpTech by MuscleTech. I paid about $48-50 USD for 200 capsules.

It's been almost 3 months since I've used it. My libido and energy spiked like a fire. My muscles have gotten stronger. Also, I recover faster when I use it an hour before my workout. Frankly, I can't spare it one single day.

In my opinion, it's one of the top supplements to enhancing overall bodybuilding performance.

Out of a possible 5, I give Pump Tech a 5.

*Editors Note*

Pump tech is not a strict nitric oxide supplement. According to the label, each 5 capsule serving contains:

• 3.1g L-arginine hydrochloride L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate
• 1.75g Tri-creatine malate
• L-citrulline
• L-aspartic acid
• American ginseng extract (25% ginsenosides) (root)
• French Maritime Pine extract (bark)

Muscle Tech doesn't label itself as a strict NO (Nitric Oxide) product but promotes the effects of NO in it's product. This particular product pushes the muscle pump. Now, Muscle Tech is famous for this. They will lump their product into a certain category, such as protein or in this case, nitric oxide, without really classifying their product as such.

Here's the catch with Muscle Tech. If you look very closely at any of their forumulations (Well, most of them) you will see that most of them have one magical ingredient in them, which is creatine. Everyone knows creatine works. Creatine will help generate more immediate strength and yes, will even help promote a muscle pump. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

Take a look at one of their flagship products, Nitro Tech. It is promoted as being 24 times more powerful than regular whey. Well, yes it is, because Nitro Tech contains....CREATINE. Whey protein and creatine are two totally different creatures and there is no way in hell that whey protein can be compared to creatine. They are worlds apart in terms of affecting physiology.

Now, I've personally tried tri-creatine malate (which is in Pump Tech) and know that it works at promoting strength and muscle pumps. No question. I've also tried arginine on various occassions and I didn't get a single thing out of it. I'm not saying that Pump Tech doesn't work, it probably does, but is it the AAKG or is it the creatine? I'm going to guess it's the creatine. Even if Muscle Tech was to take out the AAKG and added a placebo, I'll bet that this product would still deliver the results it states on the label. Why? You guessed it, because of the creatine.


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