Srinu's 5 Day Workout and Diet Review

heavy dead lift

(March 8, 2016)

The following program review is for Srinu. This is a 5 day routine that was designed for him.

The Program

Can you please take a look at my current routine and diet and provide your input on how I can improve it? I want to gain lean body mass. I'm 40 years old, weight 158 pounds and my height is 5' 5".

My Routine

Monday - Chest

1.Bench press: 4 sets.
2.Decline bench + incline Dumbbell press: 3 Sets.
3.Dumbbell fly: 4 Sets.
4.Incline Bench + pullover: 4 sets.
5.machine + push ups: 3 sets.

Tuesday - Shoulders

1.Front press: 4 sets.
2.Back press: 3 sets.
3.Dumbbell press super sets: 3 sets.
4.Dumbbell Lateral raise super sets.
5.Up right row: 3 sets.
6.Shrugs: 4 sets.

Wednesday - Back

1.back pull down: 3 sets.
2.rowing: 4 sets. arm row: 4 sets.
4.pull down back: 3 sets.
5.Bar row: 3 sets.
6.Deadlift: 3 sets..

Thursday - Arms

1.preacher curls super set + push down: 3 sets.
2.dumble curl standing + close bench: 4 sets.
3.St.Rod+ley down 3 sets.
4.Hammer + lever press: 4 sets.
5.Concentration Curls + Bench Dips: 4 sets...

Friday - Legs

Squats: 4 sets
Leg press: 4 sets
Leg extension: 4 sets
Lunges: 4 sets
Calf raise: 3 sets


  • Break fast. Sprouts and 3 rotis (Indian flatbread). 5 egg whites
  • Lunch. Rotis, rice vegetable salad
  • Dinner. 5 egg whites, roti vegetables

I use to take supplements but at the present I don't. Please kindly suggest a good preworkout and post workout supplement.

The review

Hi Srinu,

There are a few problems with the routine. First and the most important is the fact that your triceps are being overly worked. Your current routine trains triceps (directly and indirectly) 3 times during the week with a heck of alot of volume. You have to remember that triceps are a small muscle group and can't handle that much training or volume - It doesn't take much to stimulate the triceps muscles. Train them once directly and once indirectly and you're good to go.

Secondly, there is way too much pressing going on with shoulders and chest. Stick to one main compound press and one or two secondary exercises - No need to have anymore. Work hard to improve on the compound movement with each passing week and use the secondary exercises to back up the compound movement and to flush the muscle with blood.

Thirdly, there is way too much rowing going on. Again, one main compound movement followed up by a chin up or close grip pull down is plenty. If you're going to perform the dead lift, that should be first and foremost and definetly not last. The reason is because it is a high intensity exercise that requires a huge amount of energy. If you perform the dead lift after doing 4 or 5 exercises, I can gaurantee you two things, poor performance and injury (probably back spasms). Believe me, you don't want those. Do dead lifts first, followed by chin ups and maybe a seated row. Always remember that the back is very vulnrable and easily overworked. Your current routine places way too much stress on the lower and mid back. My suggestion is to stop the current training set up and do one direct lower back exercise such as a dead lift or bent over row followed by a chin up and possibly a pull over or straight arm extension.

Never do deadlifts, barbell bent over row, one arm dumbbell row and machine rowing in one back workout. Trust me, if you keep this up you'll end up with back spasms which can lead to more serioius back problems. Don't screw around with your back!

I'd take my leg workout and stick it right between chest and shoulder workouts. This way, it at least gives your shoulders and triceps a bit of a rest.

I'd also cut down on all my sets, 8 to 12 sets per body part is plenty if you're working hard enough. There is no need to do anymore. Remember, compound movements are always first followed by one or two supporting exercises designed to flush blood into your muscles.

Diet Review

Your diet looks a little unbalanced. The biggest problem is the lack of protein. Based on your sample diet, you're not nearly getting enough protein to build (or even) maintain a muscle base. In addition, your daily caloric intake is clearly lacking. I strongly suggest adding two to three additional snacks into your diet (between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner and an evening snack).

Try the following snacks:

Mid morning snack: Fruit such as an apple or an orange, handful of nuts and a glass of milk

Mid afternoon snack: One rotis with some fruit and a glass of water

Evening snack: handful of nuts, one banana and one glass of milk

This will help evenly disburse your nutrient intake.

Your current diet will not support or even provide a maintenance level for the type of routine you provided. I'll be honest, you won't gain an an ounce of muscle tissue given your diet to training ratio. You need to add more calorie dense foods to help support and nurture muscle growth.

Try and add more lean protein sources. If you're a vegan or vegeterian, try adding protein heavy plant sources such as tofu, lentils, and beans (black and pinto beans are my choices). See this page here for high protein sources.

As for pre and post workout supplements, my suggestion is to not take any until your diet plan is on par with your training. The two must be in synch before you even think of taking pre and post workout supplements.

However, I do suggest pre workout meals from whole foods. Try the following:

Pre workout:

- 1 banana

- 1 roti

- Peanut butter

- 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey

I hope this helps,


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