Proform 950 Elliptical Trainer

The Review


  • Length: 68″
  • Width: 27”
  • Height: 67

The Proform 950 Elliptical Trainer is designed to be a mobile unit perfect for in-home use or where mobile equipment is of ease.

This unit although designed to be mobile, is not in my opinion the typical cheap mobile unit typically seen with today’s lower end ellipticals.

I always like to grab a handle when first reviewing an elliptical, then simply trying to move it back and forth to see where it seems the least stable, and I was kind of surprised when the Proform didn’t give way.

I was satisfied with this simple test.

Of course my next objective was to jump on and start pedaling, to summarize what I noticed immediately would have to be very free gliding and no limits on my range of motion, which can’t be said for all ellipticals I’ve used. So upon first using the Proform 950, it passed my approval for mobile ellipticals.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Multiple resistance levels; plenty for the at home type
  • 3-position adjustable stride. 12”, 15”, and 18” strides

The dual action provides both a great lower body workout as well as upper body workout. The 3-position adjustable stride is something many upper scale ellipticals don’t offer, so to be seen on a portable unit is a rarity.

The oversize pedals are great allowing for different foot placements and more freedom. The stride length of the Proform is sufficient enough to handle most users. There are 3 position adjustable strides that allows you to change the stride length, setting it at 12, 15, and 18 inches. At 18 inches, the stride length is about sufficient to handle taller individuals. I think this is a great innovation on Proform’s part because this particular elliptical trainer can accommodate most users in your household.

Elliptical stride

3-position adjustable stride. 12”, 15”, and 18” strides

3-positions allowing the angles to vary for different users is a unique way to separate this elliptical from the pack. This is definitely one of the outstanding features of this elliptical trainer.

Display/control panel

Clearview Backlit Display

The 5 x 7 clear view display is very easy to read. It also comes with a built in fan right above the screen.


12 Personal Trainer Workouts

There are two heart rate workouts and ten personal trainer workouts. The personal trainer workouts adjust the resistance and pace of the elliptical trainer to focus on aerobic, weight loss, or performance goals.

The two heart rate workouts adjust the resistance of the elliptical by automatically increasing or decreasing the resistance and pace when you need to raise or lower your heart rate. There are hand grips on the consoles that measures your pulse.


  • Durable, heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Maximum user weight: 250 Pounds

The Proform 950 elliptical trainer uses the Silent Magnetic Resistance system which provides for an almost silent workout. I have my doubts that it can hold a 250 pound user at full speed.

The Fold-away SpaceSaver design allows the user with much ease to put the elliptical in a storage closet when finished with their workout. When I dissembled the unit to test out fold away capability I looked for simplicity, and the Proform 950 fit the bill nicely.

Heart rate monitor

EKG Heart Rate Monitor

The smooth frictionless resistance system allows the user to adjust the workout intensity without interrupting the workout, allowing one to choose from multiple intensity levels.

Dual action handle bars

– Yes

It felt very comfortable in relation to the cross training aspect.

Warranty and service

  • Motor: 3 year
  • Parts/Labor: 90 days
  • 30 day return policy

The parts and labor warranty, on the other hand, shocks me. I don’t see how you can warrant a motor for 3 years and the other parts for only 3 months. It might not be a big deal, but something gives me a bad feeling about the briefness of the parts and labor warranty. I would purchase an extended version if possible just to be sure.

Here are the extended warranty options:

1 year warranty: $69.95
2 year warranty: $99.95
3 year warranty: $119.95
4 year warranty: $119.95
It will depend on how much you plan on using the Proform 950 elliptical trainer.

If you’re going to be giving the elliptical a good pounding everyday, you might want to opt for the longer warranties.

However, if you’re going to be using the Proform 950 every other day, you might want to opt for a shorter period.

However, the warranty rate/percentage is almost 15 percent at 3 and 4 years ($119/$399) and this seems a little high, given the price range. Even at 99$, the percentage is still a little high and to me, it just doesn’t justify such a high warranty rate. I’m always a little weary of companies that have a high percentage warranty rate because it shows to me that they, themselves, have little confidence in their product. It also shows to me that they don’t have the consumer’s best interest in mind.

With that in mind, I would probably go for a 4 year warranty. However, this is where the company gets it’s customers, and that is, there is only a $20 in warranty price from years 3 and 4 to years 2. I hate it when companies do this!

Your going to have to remember that this is a Proform product and this company is not known for good customer service. If you are thinking about buying the 905 elliptical trainer, you have to remember your getting what you are paying for.

Here is Proform ‘ s official return policy:

“ We give a 30-day trial period on all products. If you are not satisfied for any reason please call 1-866-896-9777 to receive a return authorization number. Put your machine back in the box and take it to your curb to be picked up. We will send a freight carrier to pick up your machine. When your machine has been returned to the warehouse and closed out to your account we will refund the purchase price (price of machine and tax) less to and from shipping charges. If you were not charged for shipping on your initial delivery you will only be charged for the return shipping.

All products must be returned in good condition, and with all paperwork, parts and accessories included to insure a full refund. You may be charged a 20% restocking fee if your product doesn’t come back in good condition. You can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 30 days of our receiving your returned product. ”

Fair? Compared to similar products in this price range, it seems ok. I have a problem with Proform ‘ s warranty because it is very weak.

Price/Cost Effectiveness

  • $799, Free Shipping (at the website)
  • Payment plans available
  • Product set for $199.

This is price is ok. I think you should have a little more in terms of programs and resistance levels (There are only 10). For anything over $700, you should have a least 12 to 15 resistance levels. However, the adjustable elliptical stride is very important and one that needs consideration. The pacing coach is also kind of interesting because it automatically lets you know when your falling behind.

There is product set available but it is a little expensive. At $199, is it worth it? Well, I probably would get it done because I have no clue about putting together elliptical trainers. Again, it’s how good you are with your hands and if you are confident you know what you’re doing.

Special features

– L.E.D. pacing coach; a unique coach type system allows the user to know when it is time to work a littler harder or slow down depending on your fitness goals. A unqiue aspect in my opinion

– CoolAire workout fan; a built in two speed fan creates an air current ranging from 4 to 6 mph. A nice addition to help keep the user cool and comfortable.

– 3 way adjustable elliptical stride.


Overall, the Proform 950 elliptical trainer is an ok elliptical trainer. When I look at a mobile trainer I first of all look for the stability aspect, and how does it stand up for the larger user in mind. The 950 stood up to my tests.

Next I look for the mobility aspect, after all it is designed to be moved and stored. I had no difficulty folding and moving the elliptical by myself with little or no instruction.

Lastly I looked for the ease to the user and freedom one looks for in purchasing an elliptical as well as the quality. I’m kind of limited to say so, but the Proform 950 passed those aspects as well.

Overall, this is a half decent elliptical trainer that can be used by most exercisers in your family. This is a low to moderate use elliptical trainer.



Blake Bissaillion

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