Pro Form 900 Elliptical Trainer

Proform 900 Elliptical Trainer


  • Length: 4.8' (48 In)
  • Width: 1.9' (23 In)
  • Height: 5.1 (62 In)
  • Weight: 110 pounds

The size of the ProForm 900 is a relatively small elliptical trainer but with a larger frame than most elliptical trainers in this price range. Is a larger frame necessary? A larger frame is necessary to get a larger arc in the elliptical stride.

Usually a larger frame means a larger arc. By employing a larger elliptical orbit, the exerciser gets a full stride. The more expansive the stride, the more beneficial it is to the user.

Of course, as with most elliptical trainers with larger frames, taller individuals seem to benefit more so than smaller individuals. Not so with the ProForm 900. Why? Adjustable peddles.

By using adjustable peddles on a larger frame, the ProForm 900 Cardio Cross Trainer allows users of different heights to benefit from elliptical training. Simply adjust the peddles and off you go.

At 110 pounds, the ProForm 900 is very portable and comes with transport wheels at the base of the elliptical trainer. Simply tilt the elliptical and drag it to whatever room you want to.

Quiet operation

  • Very quiet

The ProForm 900 is very quiet. Because of the electromagnetic resistance, you won’t even know you are on the trainer. Considering the price, this is a very quiet elliptical trainer.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Electromagnetic variable resistance
  • 5 different adjustable peddles

The ProForm 900 uses an electromagnetic variable resistance system. The resistance system has 10 different resistance settings that allows the user to choose what kind of workouts to use for their fitness needs. Very quiet and very reliable.

The adjustable foot peddles allows the user to adjust the elliptical stride to match their height. The peddles also adjust to work different parts of the body.

Elliptical stride

The orbital arc on the ProForm 900 is larger compared to other elliptical trainers in this price range. By using a larger orbital arc, the ProForm 900 is able to accommodate the taller individuals. The good thing about the ProForm 900 is that the adjustable peddles can be adjusted to accommodate the smaller individual.

The ProForm 900 also uses reflex step technology. Reflex technology serves to smooth out the elliptical stride. It does this by absorbing energy from each stride then pushes you to your next step.

Display/control panel

  • Large LCD screen
  • Speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Time
  • Calories burned

The display/control panel is a large, easy to read LCD screen. The LCD screen allows you to easily and readily see how you are doing in terms of you speed, distance, time and calories burned.


  • 6 preset programmes
  • 2 heart rate controlled programmes

With the ProFrom 900, you simply pick a workout, enter the length, and off you go. Of course you can also use the heart rate controlled programs. Simply hold on to the front handle bars, get your pulse and hit one of the heart rate controlled programs. This way you are always exercising in your target heart range and maximizing your calorie expenditure.

You will never get bored of the ProForm 900.


  • Sturdy and durably constructed
  • Compact, solid construction. Made from solid steel
  • Maximum user weight: 250 pounds

A tough elliptical trainer. However, please remember that this is a light elliptical trainer and for those individuals who weight more than 200 pounds, this one is not for you.

Because the frame is so small and the fly wheel is relatively small and light, the proform elliptical trainer is susceptible to break down from very heavy use from individuals weighting more than 200 pounds.

Heart rate monitor

  • No
  • Pulse sensors on the handle bars

Dual action handle bars

  • Yes

The ProForm 900 comes with dual action handle bars for a total body workout.

Warranty and service

  • 90 day parts
  • 90 day labor
  • 30 day money back gaurantee

Customer support at ProFrom is fantastic. I love the online customer support they have. Simply type in a question and you’ll have an answer on the spot by a live operator. All questions and answers are also posted to your email for future reference. They are very responsive to your questions.

The warranty is very weak and something you really have to consider when looking at this product. I'm a big proponent of quality warranties because essentially, it says to the cusomter how much they believe in their product. A weak warranty is a weak product, and a strong warranty signifies a strong product - All things being equal. However, this depends on the price. For ellipticals under $500, your going to get what you pay for.

To get an idea of the warranty information, please see this page here. The information will be listed under warranty.

Price/cost effectiveness

  • $379.79 includes shipping. U.S residents only

The ProForm 900 Cardio Cross Trainer is quite an effective elliptical trainer. The features and programmes are excellent and the comfort and quality are top rated.

The adjustable peddles really make this elliptical trainer different than most elliptical machine in this price range. Combine that with a fairly large frame, half decent construction, good features and great customer support, you have yourself a pretty good package.

Just remember that this is an elliptical trainer that's under $500. This is not a commercial grade elliptical that you find in your local gym. If you are over 200 pounds and taller than 6 feet, you may want to look at other ellipticals that can support at least 275 pounds with an elliptial arc of at least 16 inches.

Special features

The ProForm 900 Cardio Cross Trainer uses reflex step technology. Reflex step technology aids in reducing impact from each stride. As you step down, the peddle flattens to absorb impact and then springs back to it’s original shape. Sort of lock a mini shock absorber.

The ProForm 900 also comes with adjustable peddles. The ProForm 900 allows everyone, regardless of their height to benefit from elliptical cross training. Simply adjust the peddles and presto, you get a full elliptical stride.

The ProForm 900 also has wheels underneath rear base for easy transportation. Simply tilt the elliptical trainer forward and wheel it in front of your TV.

iFIT technology is also included with the Proform 900.

Overall this is a pretty good elliptical trainer for under $500. If you are looking for solid elliptical trainer for under a $500 than you might want to consider the ProForm 900 Cardio Cross Elliptical Trainer.

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