ProForm 350 Treadmill Review

proform 350 treadmill


  • Width: 33.4”
  • Length: 65.5”
  • Height: 57.6”
  • Treadbelt: 17 x 50"

The ProForm 350 Treadmill is one of many treadmills made by ProForm. This model is pretty much a step above the base model made by ProForm. It's also one of the newer models they've come out with.

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This model features the Space Saver Design, which allows you to store the treadmill vertically when you are not using it. This feature will come in handy for anyone who might be a little short on room to keep their equipment.

Speed/Incline Control

  • Speed: 0 -10 MPH
  • Incline: 1.5 -10%

This model features what is called Quick Speed Control, which allows you to change speeds up and down to anything between 0-10 mph instantly with one touch of a button. This allows you to lower your speed when you need a quick break and increase the speed for a quick challenge when you feel the urge.

This treadmill also features Power Incline Control, which allows you to electronically control the slope of the treadmill from anything between 1.5-10%.

This allows the user to add the challenge of running uphill, which also adds variety to your workout. This treadmill uses a 17-inch by 50-inch tread belt. ProForm describes it as an “extra-durable, non-slip tread belt.”

The tread belt features ProSoft Impact Absorption, which is said by ProForm to reduce impact on joints by up to 15% compared to running on the road. It runs on a 2.25 THP Mach Motor. This is a drive system built especially for durability, no matter the intensity of the workout.

The only problem I have with this tread belt is that is a little too small for taller individuals. If you are a taller individual (over 5’ 9”) and looking to do a lot of running, this may present a problem for you.


  • 3 Large LCD Displays
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Vital Statistics
  • CoolAire Fan
  • 180 degree viewing angle

This includes all the standard features that most every treadmill you’ll see today has, plus a few more. The CoolAire Fan is a nice addition to the console, allowing you to keep cool while running. There is also Pulse Sensors on the handles so that you can accurately monitor your heart rate. This will help to keep you in your optimum training zone whether your goal is to burn fat or increase your aerobic endurance.


I’m a little bit disappointed by this aspect of the treadmill. The only program setting it features is Manual, which means you get on the treadmill and decide every aspect of your workout. While this is fine for athletes and those knowledgeable in fitness, the average consumer won’t even know where to start. This can be remedied easily by looking for a treadmill workout on the internet or anywhere else, but that is pretty inconvenient.


  • Maximum User Weight: 250lbs

This is not the sturdiest treadmill going. However, it is built with a half decent blend of quality and durability for the price that it is ($499 on the ProForm website). I would not recommend this treadmill for heavy individuals, though. Since the Proform 350 treadmill can adjust to an incline position, it may have a hard time with someone who is over 230 pounds. I think there will too much pressure on the drive system. Anyone that is over 230lbs will really make the drive system work hard, and that will shorten it’s lifespan. Lighter individuals will have no such problem, and this would be a suitable treadmill for them.

Heart Rate Monitor

  • Yes

I am thrilled to see that there is a Heart Rate Monitor on this model. I would love to see this feature standard on all pieces of cardio equipment. This will help you get the most out of your workouts, so long as you utilize the feature.

Warranty and Service

  • Motor: 3 year
  • Parts/Labor: 90 days
  • 30 day return policy

The warranty on the motor is ok given the price. However, the motor is very questionable since it's basically the same model Proform's uses on it's 775 treadmill which is warranted for 12 years!

Here is something that got me thinking. The Proform 350 uses a 2.25 THP Mach Motor. This motor has a warranty of just 3 years. The same motor is used on the Proform 775 and is warranted for 12 years. Not too sure what this is all about but it doesn't sit too well with me.

Price/Cost Effectiveness

  • Base price $499
  • Shipping $125

Payment plans available

  • Product set up available for $150
  • Optional warranty at years 3 and 4: $119

The base price of this treadmill is $499. However, if you were to take into account, the $125 shipping cost, the $150 product set up (optional), and the $119 warranty for years 3 and 4, your looking at $900. Quite a difference from $499.

How does this compare with other treadmills in this "new" price range? Well, If I was going to pay $900 for a treadmill, I'd take the Vision Fitness T1450 ($999) over the Proform 350. First of all, Vision Fitness makes a better treadmill (which their treadmills been voted best treadmill in their class). The tread belt is larger at 20" x 54". It's a folding treadmill with a better standard warranty.

  • Lifetime - Frame & Motor
  • 2 Years - Electronics & Parts
  • 1 Year - Labor

The motor, which is probably the most expensive componenet part, is covered for the life of the T1450. The incline is also 2% higher than the Proform 350.

The Proform 350 treadmill is basically your bare bones exercise apparatus which has Proform component parts. For those of you who are looking for something cheap, but half decent, this may be a good choice. Remember, this is a very low end treadmill and not meant for serious runners. If you’re new to fitness and can only spend $400 to $500 for a half decent treadmill this may be for you (minus the extended warranties, shipping, and tech set up - Of course).

However, if you have more money to spend, there are much better treadmills for under $1,000. (See Vision Fitness T1450)

This is a very basic treadmill meant for beginners and meant for light to moderate use.

This treadmill is made for those on a tight budget only. The price of $499 brand new is pretty good, but only if you forego their extended warranties, shipping, and set up. But if you have even a few hundred more dollars, there are much better treadmills to be purchased. This is basically a throw away, but a pretty good throw away.



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