Weight Training Exercises With Illustrations And Descriptions

Are you having a hard time finding proper weight training illustrations?

Yes, it's difficult sometimes to find free weight training illustrations on the web without having to pay for them.

Weight training illustrations are an important component to someone who has relatively little of no understanding of what or how an exercise is to be performed.

And, if your anything like me, you learn best by studying the illustrations or looking at a picture of lifting weights.

How is a beginner to weight training supposed to understand the proper form and technique of a certain exercise if they can't see the actual exercise being performed?

With that in mind, I've decided to put together a series of weight training illustrations to help you get a little better understanding of how some of the more popular weight training exercises are performed. Besides, I think it's best to have a full description of the exercise and a proper picture of lifting weights in order for you, the active weight trainer to fully grasp and understand the mechanics of the weight training exercise.

If you are following one of the weight training routines, it will be a lot easier to understand the exercises if you can see the proper illustrations, as well as accurate descriptions. If you are interested in some really great routines, I suggest you click here to see more great routines.

The following illustrations are meant to help you in determining the correct position and mechanics of the weight training exercise. This way, you can understand the proper range of motion which will help you improve your workout. Here are some of the popular pictures of lifting weights.

Simply click on the exercise to see the picture of lifting weights and the description:


Bench press
Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell incline press
Flat bench dumbbell flyes
Inlcine bench press
Dip exercise


Barbell bent over row
Cable row seated
Dead lift
Lat machine pull down
One arm dumbbell row
Wide grip chin up
Dumbbell shrug


Dumbbell lateral raise
Press behind the neck
Seated dumbbell press

Quadriceps (upper legs)

Leg extension
Leg press
Hack squat


Stiff leg dead lift
Leg curl


Standing barbell curl
Concentration curl
Preacher curl
Seated alternate dumbbel curl


Close grip bench press
Lying tricep extension
Overhead barbell extension
Standing cable press down


Calf raise seated
Standing calf raise


Abdominal crunch

I'll be adding more and more illustrations to help you get a better understanding of the weight lifting process and the mechanics of each exercise.

All the best,


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