Audio Lesson From Pete Sisco

I just listened to a fantastic audio lesson from Pete Sisco about stimulating major muscle growth. Now, for those of you who don't know who Pete Sisco is, he's basically a legend in the field of strength training and muscle building. He's been around since the early '80's and has written numerous books on the subject of building amazing strength and muscle mass.

Some of his books include:

Ironman's Ultimate Bodybuilding Encyclopedia;
Ironman's Ultimate Guide to Arm Training;
Power Factor Training : A Scientific Approach to Building Lean Muscle Mass;
Power Factor Specialization: Chest & Arms;
Precision Training: The New Method to Achieve Optimum Muscularity.

He's also written for just about all the major muscle magazines at one time or another. Suffice to say, Pete's been around and know's what he's talking about. So, when he sent me over a copy of his audio lesson, I was more than interested to find out what he had to say about building maximum muscle mass.

I've read most of Pete's books and his methods are tried and tested to work. All of his methods have stood the test of time. So, Without any hesitation I listened to the audio lesson (which is about 30 minutes long). Again, Pete comes through and explains everything you need to know about building muscle and strength in 30 minutes.

In this audio lesson, you'll find out what the real keys to building strength and muscle mass are. You'll find out a method to stimulate the most muscle fibres possible. You'll also find out which elements you absolutely need in order to build maximum amounts of muscle mass. Hint* If just one of these elements are missing, you'll squander your efforts. Now, he does talk about his personal program, which is "static contraction" but his information will open your eyes to how the muscle growth process actually works.

Anyways, the lesson is free, so take a listen, you might learn something very important that can greatly enhance your muscle building program.

*NOTE - Sorry, the video is no longer available. My apologies - Blake










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