Orbitrek Platinum Elliptical Review


Hmmm…..What do I think of the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer? To tell you the truth, I was up in their air about whether or not to do this review since I prefer to do postive reviews.

However, after some initial requests, I decided to take a further look at the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer. I remember first seeing an orbitrek elliptical t.v commercial about 4 years ago on a late night infomercial.

It really caught my eye. I say this because its very hard not to since all the models were thin and beautiful. Infomercial’s are funny that way.

Anyways, I didn’t think nothing of it since I’m not a big fan of infomercial type equipment.

I admint, the orbitrek elliptical trainer is a popular exercise machine. There is no doubt about that and the marketing of the product is simply outstanding.

It’s market is wide and broad since it targets the average person with a limited budget. The orbitrek elliptical trainer basically promises a “cheap fitness fix”.

That is, you can get in the best shape of your life for under $250 with the ever popular elliptical fitness trainer.

Well, what can I say. I’ve tried the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer on various occasions and it’s a cheap elliptical trainer.

Let me put it this way, for an elliptical trainer under $250, you basically get an elliptical trainer that’s “worth” $250. I know, it sounds funny but you get what you pay for. I can’t say that I would recommend the orbitrek elliptical trainer because it’s not for everyone. That is, it’s not for anyone who weights over 200 pounds and over 6 feet tall. However, I will say this, if you are absolutely sure that you can’t spend anymore than $250 on an elliptical trainer and are dying to get one, this might be for you (provided you are under 200 pounds and under 6′ tall).

However, if you can manage to spend another hundred dollars or so, there are other well made elliptical trainers that offer a better frame, more features, and better resistance.

Alright, let’s take a closer look at the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer.



  • Length: 2′.8” (33.75 In)
  • Width: 1′.7” (20.5 In)
  • Height: 5’1″ (61.5 In)
  • Weight: 52.8 Pounds
The orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer is a very light weight elliptical machine. The good thing about this elliptical trainer is take you can take it anywhere in the house. At 52.8 pounds, you can simply pick it up and take it to the next room or upstairs.This is one positive aspect of the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer. If you are looking for a light weight elliptical trainer that you can easily drag from room to room, this is it. It comes with wheels so you can easily and effortlessly transport the orbitrek elliptical trainer back to storage or to and from your t.v set.

Adjustable resistance/peddles

  • Manual resistance
  • No peddle adjustment
I’m not a big fan of manual resistance. I don’t like having to stop my workout in order to add a little more tension to my workout routine. The thing is, once you start an exercise and are very much in the exercise “zone”, you don’t want to have to start twisting and turning a plastic knob. I have a hard enough time just taking my concentration off the exercise to press a button on a magnetic variable resistance elliptical.Now, the orbitrek platinum offers it’s “micro-adjustable” resistance dial that lets you control the amount of tension you want in degrees. Regardless, it’s still a manual dial.Peddles are fixed at 16″ and offer no adjustment. Taller individuals (over 6′) will not benefit as much as smaller individuals since their legs are much too long for a full range of motion.

Elliptical stride

16″ Diameter strideAgain, anyone who is over 6 feet tall, you are better off going with an elliptical trainer with a larger wheel base and longer elliptical stride. The stride is not enough to offer a full range of motion for anyone who is over 6′ tall.The fly wheel is located at the front of the elliptical trainer. It is an open fly wheel that’s meant to cool you down while you work out. An interesting feature.

Display/control panel

None with the standard platinum series.
  • 5 function monitor and heart rate pads; Can be purchased as an upgrade model (for an extra $50) and includes;
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Speed
  • Odometer
  • Heart Rate
Note: 2 – AA batteries required for the Monitor are not included

I don’t see why they don’t just offer the monitor and heart contact pads as a package. But than again, they would be entering into dangerous territory having to compete with proform and eclipse 1000 series which offers much more features.

As you can see, if you purchased the monitor, it’s pretty cheap and the readout is very basic.

It’s nothing fancy and at an overall price of close to $300 with the added upgrades, you can probably get a much better display such as LCD readouts on a full monitor for $50 more.

If you decide to go with the upgrades, the console is powered by 2 AA batteries.



I find programs quite useful on an elliptical trainer. An elliptical machine with no programs can make for a boring ride.


  • Very light and cheap
  • Plastic and light steel
  • Maximum user weight: Over 300 pounds

Somehow, I have a hard time believing that the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer can handle 300 plus pounds. Now, I weight about 240 pounds and when I tried the orbitrek platinum, it wobbled from side to side. It just doesn’t make sense how something so light (52 pounds), made mostly of plastic and light tubular steel, can hold up to 300 pounds on such a lightly constructed frame.

I seriously have to wonder about the quality of the welds on the orbitrek platinum.

I also have my doubts that the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer can hold anything more than 200 pounds for any length of time – Especially if you want to go all out on it everyday.

You will also notice there are no handle bars on the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer. I think these are a must, especially for beginners. I rarely use the dual action bars and find that the front handle bars help out with my balance. I think front handle bars are essential to any elliptical trainer.

Heart rate monitor

– No

Can be purchased separately with the monitor. A nice option which will cost you an extra $50.

Dual action handle bars

– Yes

A plus for the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer. The dual action handle bars allow you to work your entire body for a true cross training workout.

Warranty and service

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Regular Shipping is 2-5 weeks from credit card approval.
  • Rush Shipping from Thane within 72 hours from credit card approval ($10).
  • Shipping and handling $49.95
  • 30 day money back gaurantee
  • Assembly required

The orbitrek 1 year limited warranty is ok, considering the price. However, the details of the warranty is very scant. I’ve looked on the Thane Fitness website for warranty information and there is nothing except a warranty request page. A limited warranty leaves a lot of holes that you may or may not want to know. This warranty doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in Thane’s product.

However, for $200, what more can you expect?

Assembly is required and shouldn’t be a big deal.

Price/cost effectiveness

$199.00 (Add $50 for the monitor and heart touch pad and $50 for shipping and handling), and the total becomes close to $300. I believe Thane Fitness will ship to most of the States including Canada. Be very aware of the shipping rates.

The stated price is $199 but in reality, the actual price is around $250 with the shipping – Minimum. If you were to get the monitor and heart touch pad and a 2 year extended warranty, the total amount would actually be closer to $340 (including shipping).

For the above reasons, I simply cannot recommend this product to anyone looking to get into shape. I mean, the minimum price for the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer is $250. The materials used are cheap and the construction process is very questionable.

I don’t think you are getting good value for this particular elliptical. For another $10, you can get an eclipse 1100hr a elliptical trainer ($349) with:

• Better construction materials;
• Magnetic variable resistance;
• 10 program LCD window;
• 12 resistance levels;
• built in hand pulsars;
• orbital linking foot peddles;
• bottle holder and reading rack;

I feel you would probably get better value with this kind of elliptical trainer. See the eclipse 1100 hr a image below. You can also read the eclipse 1100hr a elliptical trainer review here.

The thing to remember is any elliptical trainer is cheap under $500. The best thing to do is try and get the best value for your purchase. I know, the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer is a very popular elliptical machine and the testimonials are fabulous but one fact remains, it’s a $200 elliptical machine made mostly of plastic and light tubular steel.

If you simply must have the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer, get the two year extended warranty. Also if you are over 200 pounds or taller than 6 feet tall, be very aware that this product may not stand up to steady use.

Special features



I can’t recommend the orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer. I just don’t feel you are getting the best value for your money. If your looking at a quality elliptical trainer in this price range, you may want to look at the eclipse 1100hr a.

However, if you are want a half decent elliptical trainer for under $200, you may want to try the Evolution E220. This elliptical trainer comes with dual action handle bars, LCD monitor readouts for time, calories, speed, and odometer. It’s built out of tubular steel and can support 200 pounds comfortably.

The E220 also has a built in pulse monitor. Simply put your hands on the front handle bars and you get your pulse rate. I think the evolution e220 is a much better value. You can usually find the e220 at your local walmart.

All the best,


Blake Bissaillion

Blake has been weight lifting for about 28 years now. He's 45 years of age and started seriously training when he was 18 years old.

Blake is the founder of Building-Muscle101.com, a successful fitness website that has been around for more than 15 years.