NX Labs Mass Cycle Review

nx care (labs) mass cycle

I paid $69.99 for Nx Care's Mass Cycle.

I gained fifteen pounds of muscle in 21 days. My bench press went from 225 for one rep to 275 for two reps. Mass cycle by nx care works awesome. When taking this supplement you need to eat the calories for the weight you want to be.

Out of a possible 5, I give Mass Cycle a 5

- Review submitted by Chris

*Editors Note*

I can't really classify this supplement into one category. Mass Cycle is actually made up of 3 "stacked" supplements. They are 1) Aminovol; 2) Anavol; And 3) T3.

Aminovol is basically an amino acid complex. There are 240 caplets in a container. One serving size is 6 caplets, containing the following ingrediets:

• 2 grams branch chain amino acids
• 1 gram essential amino acids
• 1 gram non essential amino acids
• 1 gram of arginine
• 1 gram of glutamine
• 50 mgs of taurine

The cost for one bottle of aminovol is $30.00 USD. Therefore, each caplet costs $.12 USD. A single serving size (6 caplets) will cost roughly $.75 USD. Is it worth it? To be honest, a single serving won't be enough for the average weight trainer. 4 grams of protein is simply not enough to have any effect on the body. In my opinion, you would need to take 3 servings just to ensure you have the minimum amount of protein at one sitting (12 grams).

At 3 servings, this supplement is not cost effective. I don't feel you get enough protein to justify the price.

The second container is called Anavol. This supplement is basically a creatine forumulation made up of the following "main" ingredients (per 6 caplets):

• 3.75 grams of creatine, glutamine, and taurine
• 1 gram leucine and arginine
• 150 mg ginseng and ginkgo

I can't say that I'm overly impressed with the amount of active ingredients in the formulation. To be effective, I would personally need to servings (12 caplets).

The cost for on container is $35.00 and you get 180 caplets per container. One serving is 6 caplets so there are approximately 30 servings in each container. Each caplet will cost $.19 and a serving will cost you $1.16. I don't feel that this is a cost effective way to get some creatine and protein into your system.

The last container is called T-3. This is a testosterone booster. One container costs $42.00 and has approximately 30 servings in each container. According to the label, the main ingredients are Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Longifolia Jack Extract, and arginine. There are other ingredients but they are in far too small a dose to be effective. Basically, what it boils down to is these three. At $1.40 per serving, this is not a cost effective supplement. If arginine is to be effective at promoting growth hormone levels, you are going to need a hell of a lot more than 1 gram per serving (try 15 grams!).

I just don't feel that this supplement is a cost effective way for promoting muscle growth. I like the NxCare (now NxLabs) brand but this combo doesn't do anything for me.


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