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myogenics spawn

There are a total of two reviews for Spawn by Mygenics.

Review # 1

- Review submitted by Joe test

The product is called 'Spawn' and it is made by Myogenics. 'Spawn' is a pro-hormone, and your going to need PCT after use. I used Novedex XT as my post-cycle.

I paid $70 for the supplement and it was absolutely worth every penny.

I decided to use Spawn to increase my max bench press for an upcoming weight lifting competition I was thinking about entering. When I started using Spawn, I was repping 185 on the bench press sets of 8.

The first day on the supplement I noticed a drastic increase on my bench press, easily repping 185 and moving up to 195 then 205 for sets of 8 or 6 reps.

I just completed my cycle of Spawn and I am up to 245 rep on my bench. My Max went up drastically also. I was around 245 max before Spawn, and now I am at 310 max. I began to gain a lot of definition in my arms and chest and I gained a total of 15 pounds on the supplement. It was TOTALLY worth it and I would definitely take another cycle of it.

A positive 5+++ out of 5

Review # 2

- Review submitted by Brian

I paid about $75.00 for Spawn by Myogenics.

They come in easy to swallow capsules. The muscle gains are awesome. I gained 10 lbs and no body fat or bloat like you would get from a steroid.

Bottom line is anyone looking for an awesome supplement you need to get this - no joke. I am writing this for readers who are tired of being ripped off this works great awesome alternative to steroids.

I give this product an absolute five out of five.

Total average user rating for Myogenics Spawn is 5 out of 5

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