Mutant Rehab Review

mutant rehab review

I'm very conscious about what my body needs in order for it to get big and strong.

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I've been in the iron game for 20 plus years and have come to realize what works and what doesn't work for my body. When it comes to post workout nutrition, I'm very picky about what I feed my body. Not because I'm a fussy person but because I know the importance of getting the exact amount of nutrients into my body as soon as possible after a workout.

Personally, this is the ABSOLUTE most opportune time to grow. There is no question in my mind that if a hard working weight trainer can get the correct amount of nutrients into their bodies immediately after a workout, results will follow shortly after. Post workout nutrition is what I like to refer to as an “opportunity growth window”. For a complete discussion on “opportunity growth windows” please click here.

About two and a half months ago, I was in my local GNC shopping around for a new post workout supplement. I got to talking with a GNC rep and asked him what he had in terms of a high octane post workout supplement. He referred me to Mutant's “Rehab”. Now, I know my body well enough to know that it needs a certain amount of nutrients in order for it to grow, especially post workout. After reviewing the ingredient listing on Mutant Rehab and comparing it with other brands, I knew I had to try it. It had everything that I was looking for in a post workout supplement.

Here's what is in a two scoop serving of Mutant Rehab :

•  Carbohydrates (Waxy Maize/Maltodextrin combo): 48 grams

•  BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids): 8.1 grams

•  Amino Acid Blend: 10.2 grams

•  Creatine Blend: 4.1 grams

•  Joint Blend: 3.4 grams

•  Electrolyte Blend: 779 mgs

When I pick up a new supplement, I try and keep my entire training and nutritional variables constant. That is, I don't change anything. This allows me to accurately assess the effectiveness of the supplement without any bias regarding nutrition or other training variables. In addition, I give the supplement at least two months before I draw any conclusions on its effectiveness.

The first thing I noticed was the taste. Personally, I don't care how good a supplement is, if it doesn't taste good I'm not taking it. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste (I chose fruit punch). It had a mild sweet flavour with a nice cool aftertaste. The cool after taste was rather pleasant and not as overwhelming and powerful as other brands such as Muscle Tech's Halo (which was a good thing).

It's important to note here that BCAA (branch chain amino acids) powder tastes absolutely horrible in its raw form. For most supplement companies, it's very hard to mask this taste, which is a mix between hard metallic and sour salt. Mutant's Rehab has all but eliminated the pungent flavour of the BCAA's.

The second thing I noticed is that the powder mixes almost instantly. A few shakes of the shaker bottle (mixing it with 500 ml of water) and the clumps all but disappear.

In terms of its effectiveness, I'd have to say that it rates as one of the best post workout drinks I've ever had. I started to notice improvements in all my lifts after two weeks. After four weeks, I started to notice marked improvement in my muscle tone and development. I added an average 6 to 7 repetition to all my work sets after two months of steady use. Remember, work sets are my final sets which I give 90% to 100% of my effort. This is a very impressive gain.

The interesting part about this formula is that it uses a creatine formula called “creatine magna power”. Creatine magna power is a patented creatine formula that bonds creatine to magnesium which is supposed to enhance creatine absorption and improve cellular water uptake (gives your muscles that puffy look). I'm not a 100% sure of the science but it works.

The only negative factor about Mutant's Rehab is the price. I paid about 55$ CAN for a 16 day supply. This roughly translates to about $3.50 per serving. This is very pricey compared to some other brands. The question is whether or not this price tag is worth it which I'd have to say yes, if you have the money.

In all honesty, this is a great supplement but I've said this 100's of times in the past, this blend is no secret. As you can see, it uses a tried and tested blend of protein, creatine and sugar. No secret here. If you really want a budget version of this drink (and others like it) go to your local health food store and purchase a couple pounds of whey isolate (15 to 20 bucks), a bottle of generic creatine (10 bucks), a pound of dextrose (5 bucks) and some Kool-Aid. Mix one tablespoon of whey, three tablespoons of dextrose, one teaspoon of creatine and some Kool-Aid and presto, you have a cheap and effective post workout drink. For 30 bucks you can probably get a month and a half supply. Will it be just as effective as Mutant's Rehab? Maybe but the taste will be pretty horrible and it won't mix as easily. It'll take some trial and error to get it right.

If you don't have this type of money for post workout nutrition, try the cheaper alternative.

For more information on creating your own supplements, please click here .

I'm going to give Mutant's Rehab an:


Tip* Order online and save at least 15 bucks. Try going to Supplements Canada or BodyBuilding.com. Orders are generally received in two to three days.

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