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About 4 months ago, I decided to give Muscle Tech’s post workout drink, Anabolic Halo a shot.

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I was actually in my local GNC looking for Muscle Tech’s Anator P-70, but to my surprise, they discontinued this product. I’ve used Anator P-70 in the past and have had some level of success with the product. However, it was no longer on the shelves and in its place, was Muscle Tech’s newest post workout drink, Anabolic Halo.

Muscle Tech has dubbed this post workout drink as a “Post-Workout Muscle Building Amplifier” and the official description is as follows:

• “Scientifically advanced post workout formula for dramatic gains in muscle and strength”

• “Activates human myogenic regulatory precursors for a powerful anabolic response”

• “Potent muscle builder with advanced micro diffuse technology”

Ok, it sounded good to me so after checking out the ingredients, I forked out the cash. Actually, I needed a post workout drink to try so I purchased a one month supply of Anabolic Halo which cost me about $65 Canadian. As I mentioned above, I’ve had some half decent results with Halo’s predecessor, Anator P-70 so I was expecting something similar with Anabolic Halo, which was the main reason I purchased Halo.

Now, I’m not a big Muscle Tech fan because I hate their marketing approach. Too many smoke and mirror tactics for me. However, I do test and review different products from time to time which allows me to give the readers of Building Muscle 101 a heads up on various supplements. My last Muscle Tech review was for Anator p-70 (which you can read here), and the supplement worked.

So, I went ahead and tested Anabolic Halo. Did this product work ?Yes, it did and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t surprised. When you look at the label of a Muscle Tech product you have to really read between the lines and take a close look. On the label, there is a bunch of ingredient listings that can make it pretty confusing. However, if you take a look at the Halo label below, you will notice a few key ingredients that Muscle Tech always uses in most of their products:

Looks pretty confusing, eh? Here’s what I see when I look at this label:

• Creatine;
• Protein;
• Carbohydrates (maltodextrin and dextrose)
• Glutamine;
• Essential fats;
• Arginine
• Alpha lipoic acid

Nothing fancy here. Most of these ingredients (with the exception of arginine) has a direct (and indirect) impact on muscle strength and growth. We all know creatine works. This ingredient alone will be responsible for 95% improvement in strength and muscle gains. It’s kind of funny because when you take a look at the Muscle Tech Halo’s website, there is a blurb on a scientific study done by a leading university that states:

“A 12-week third-party research study conducted at a leading university with 22 untrained subjects divided into three groups, and published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, showed test subjects consuming a key compound found in ANABOLIC HALO™ Hardcore Pro Series® gained 7.12 pounds of muscle while subjects using a placebo gained only 1.30 pounds. Test subjects in the same study also significantly increased their one-rep max (1RM) leg press strength versus placebo (375 lbs. vs. 193 lbs.).”

Hmmm, I wonder what this mysterious compound is? Well, it’s the only compound that has been proven to work in numerous independent studies to increase muscle strength and mass - This compound of course is Creatine. Combine this with protein and simple carbohydrates and you have a mixture that will always be a great post workout drink. This is a formula that has been used for years and it’s nothing new.

The one thing that always pisses me off about companies like Muscle Tech (And others) is that they don’t tell you how much of each ingredient you are getting. I know there is roughly 22.4 grams of ingredient but how much of each am I getting? I don’t like it when companies do this because in my mind, they seem to be hiding something. I simply don’t believe that companies want to protect their “proprietary blend” but rather, hide something that they don’t want the consumer to know about. Trust me, if a product is good, people will always buy it so have confidence in your own product and tell honest, hard working consumers what they're getting.

Ok, to be fair, the product does work. It’s actually a half decent post workout drink. I guess the real question is whether or not it stands up to similar post workout products. Well, I’ve tried Cell Mass and Xpand Post and both have outperformed Halo. Both are cheaper and both list their exact ingredients.

Here’s Dymatize Xpand Post ingredient listing:

If you take a look at the listing, you can see that 1) Each ingredient is accurately displayed; And 2) There is more active ingredient in comparison to Anabolic Halo. What does Xpand’s Post tell me? It tells me they have complete confidence in their product and stand 100% behind it.

Here’s BSN’s Cell Mass ingredient listing:

Again, this listing tells me that BSN stands 100% behind their product and have the confidence to list the exact amounts of each product.

I’m not out to bash Muscle Tech but most of their products seem to hide behind smoke and mirrors that leave the consumer confused. Halo does work but in comparison to other similar post workout products, it seems to be lacking both in price in active ingredients. If I was to recommend a post workout drink, I would recommend Xpand Post first followed closely by Cell Mass.

I’ll be very honest here. There is nothing fancy about post workout nutrition. Simply mix some whey protein, maltodextrin (and / or dextrose), kool aid, with some plain creatine and you’ll be experiencing amazing results at a fraction of the price of retail supplements. Simply go to your local bulk food store to pick up these ingredients. If you're interested in making your own supplements, try downloading Jeff Anderson’s book “Home Made Supplement Secrets”. Jeff has 27 knock off recipes from some of the top supplement companies such as Muscle Tech, BSN, Cytosport, and a bunch of others. Take a look at my review of this book at:

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