Steak and Potatoes

A staple body building recipe in every weight lifters menu. Serves one


  • 2 whole potatoes

  • 1 cup (250 ml)of corn

  • 4 ounces of top sirloin lean steak

  • Mrs dash seasoning

  • Dash of salt and pepper

  • 1 tsp of margarine- light

  • ½ tsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 cup of mushrooms


Pre heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place potatoes on two separate pieces of foil. Cut potatoes lengthwise but do not cut through. Add half a tsp of butter to each potato and add a dash of salt and pepper. Fold the potatoes in the foil wrap. Set timer for 40 minutes. Place potatoes in the oven. Cook potatoes until the timer is complete or until the potatoes are soft all the way through. Meanwhile, wash and clean steak and mushrooms. Season steak with Mrs dash seasoning. Heat oil in a medium sized frying pan.

Place steak in the pan and pan fry for 5-10 minutes each side. Meanwhile, heat a non stick skillet and saute mushrooms. Once mushrooms are soft, set aside. Once potatoes are done, take out and set aside for 3-5 minutes. Take steak out of frying pan and top with mushrooms. Serve with potatoes.

Nutritional Information

626 calories
44 grams of protein
79 grams of carbohydrates
15 grams of fat

Blake Bissaillion

Blake has been weight lifting for about 28 years now. He's 45 years of age and started seriously training when he was 18 years old.

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