Whey Protein Powder Review By Dedicated Women

dedicated women mrp

The product is Women's Whey MRP. It's a meal replacement, the best I have ever sampled. The company is Dedicated Woman. I have also tried their Somatropin-HGH.

I actually get samples from my trainer, but I looked it up and the whey is between $26-34, depending on the site. It changed the way I functioned. I just had a baby and was in a slump. I could not get my energy back. My new trainner gave me samples and after the 3rd day I had my energy back. I really like their products and even though I did not purchase from the company when I called them to have them explain to me how the product worked, they took the time and were kind. Sorta shocking these days.

I rate them a 5. Just the customer service was a nice refreshing surprise. The only downer was they don't actually provide samples - I'd like to sample a product before I buy it, you would have to go to the stores or find a distributor who offers them. A little hard to find the samples.

Review submitted by Marisa

*Editors Note*

I have to agree with Marisa. Customer care is something very rare these days, especially in the supplement industry. It's nice to hear about a company that actually takes the time to answer a question about their products.

Women's Whey Protein MRP is manufactured by Dedicated Women who operate out of Henderson, Nevada.

According to the label, each 38 gram serving contains:

• 125 calories
• 0 fat
• 25 grams of protein
• 9 grams of carbohydrates - 4 grams of fibre

The container size is 2.2 LBS. There are 26 servings in each can. The price for a 2.2 LB container is $25.00. In terms of cost effectiveness, each serving will cost you about $.65.

I do like the fact that there is 4 grams of fibre in each serving. I strongly believe that we should all be eating at least 20 grams of fibre a day to maintain a strong and healthy body. I also like the fact that this company uses whey protein isolate as their main protein source.

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