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How to Properly Use A Cheat Meal To Build More Muscle and Burn More Fat!!

Blake here from Building Muscle 101.

Yes, you’re probably wondering “how the heck can a cheat meal help me burn more fat and build more muscle?!”

Today, I’m going to show you how to use a cheat meal to work to your advantage! I’m sure you’ve heard that cheat meals will kill your progress. In short, yes they will kill your progress because of one major mistake most folks make when they use cheat meals, they go over and above their daily metabolic basal calorie intake. The second mistake is not know when to use a cheat meal. The third mistake is not planning how to use a cheat meal so that it actually helps with additional strength gains and fat loss.

Let’s go over each point and I will show you how, when and why to use a cheat meal. Let’s go over the most important point first. Cheat meals shouldn’t take your daily calorie allowance over and above your daily target calorie rate. Most people automatically assume that a cheat meal gives them a free card to eat whatever they want and in whatever quantities. This is a huge mistake and this will kill your progress.

My first trick is to plan a day when you can allow yourself a cheat meal and plan around the cheat meal. Ideally, you want to know how many calories you can ingest for your cheat meal without messing up your target calorie intake for that day. For example, if my daily calorie target for that day is 1,300 calories my meal plan will be as follows:

-Meal 1: 200 calories
-Meal 2: 200 calories
-Meal 3: 200 calories
-Snack: 100 calories
-Heavy workout session:
-Cheat meal: 600 calories
Total: 1,300 calories

My second trick is to use my cheat meal as a carbohydrate meal. My entire week has been starch free so a carbohydrate heavy meal actually helps fill out my muscles. My muscles usually just soak up the glycogen after my carbohydrate meal and it helps replenish my lost muscle fuel. In other words, the additional glycogen goes directly to my muscles! I alter my macronutrient intake so that my cheat day uses roughly 60% carbohydrates (instead of the usual 35% to 40%).

My third trick is to use my cheat meal after a large muscle group workout (such as legs). After 5 sets of squats, 4 sets of leg presses, 3 sets of lunges, 4 sets of stiff leg dead lifts, 4 sets of leg curls and some calf work my leg muscles are primed for glycogen uptake. This is the absolute perfect time for muscle growth! I skip my post workout shake and head straight to my favorite cheat meal place…little cesars!

Now, this is very important. Make sure you do NOT go over your target calorie intake for that day. I don’t care how you plan it out; just don’t go over your daily intake. I know that my favorite pizza, round pepperoni has about 187 calories for one slice. I allow myself 3 slices which gives me about 90 grams of starches. I also allow myself 1 diet soda.

This is very, very important. Do NOT have a cheat meal until you are well into your diet and training (and its working). The only time I allow myself a cheat meal is around week 10. After week 10 I will have a cheat meal on Saturdays, like above until my training cycle is complete. It is only at this point that my body is like a sponge! It will soak up every bit of glycogen available. If I started using cheat meals during my first week it would go to fat simply because of the fact my bodies metabolism hasn't been fully activated yet. Remember, activate your metabolism first (around week 10) and your cheat meal will start to work for you!

Personally, I use Saturdays as my cheat meal day and I usually crave pizza.

Remember the above noted points:

  • Only implement cheat meal once your training and diet are in full swing and working. Usually around week 10.
  • Keep your daily calorie target intact – Do NOT go over your limit
  • Use a starch heavy cheat meal
  • Have after a hard and heavy workout such as legs or back

Stick to those points and a cheat meal will actually help you gain more strength, fill out your muscles and stimulate even more fat loss!

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