Leg Press Calf Extensions

calf raise on leg press machine
Exercise Profile

Primary Muscle Group(s): Calves

Secondary Muscle Group(s):

Exercise Instructions

1. While seated on a leg press, place you're the balls of your feet about 1 feet (30 cm) apart under the leg press plate. Your buttocks should be supported on the seat and your back pressed firmly against back rest.

2. Keep head should be straight and your slightly angel your toes outward.

3. Allow your heels to drop as far as possible.

4. Raise your heels until your calves are fully contracted.


The leg press calf raise is one of my favourite calf exercises. I find this exercise to be very natural to the movement of the calf and becuase of this, it's a very comfortable movement to do.

It's also one of the most effective exercises you can do for your calves. The movement keeps constant tension on your calves and works the whole area.

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