Prolab's Lean Mass Matrix Cinnamon Oatmeal Review

prolab lean mass matrix

Lean mass matrix cinnamon oatmeal replacement powder is one of three flavours offered by Prolab.

There are two other flavours offered which are vanilla and chocolate, however, for the purpose of this review, I’ve only tried the cinnamon oatmeal which we’ll stick too.

When I’m in the market for a new supplement, I’m usually looking for something very specific with a very specific ingredient list. For example, if I’m looking for a night time protein drink, I want to make sure I get a protein drink that has complex carbs, made with whole ingredients and a long lasting protein source such as casein or egg proteins. Actually, a combination of both is ideal.

I know that, if I can keep a constant flow of nutrients into my body, I can keep my body fed, and growing throughout the night. I’ve been using Dorian Yate’s MBF and it works fantastic.

So, when I was in the market for a meal replacement, I specifically wanted one for my breakfast protein shake. You see, when I first get up, I usually have a protein shake to kick start my bodies growth mechanisms. I’m looking for a quick acting protein source such as whey and complex carbs such as oat flour. I’ve tried making my own “custom” blend, but after 3 tries, the taste and consistency was the equivalent to raw concrete mix.

I’ve tried about 5 other meal replacements but for some reason, they are lacking the ingredients I’m looking for, and more importantly, in the right amounts. What I’m looking for are as follows:

• At least 40 grams of complex carbs (not maltodextrin);
• At least 40 grams of whey protein;
• 5 grams of glutamine;
• At least 400 calories;
• At least 5 grams of fibre

After reviewing other brands, the closest that came to the above requirements are Labrada’s lean body, and Prolab’s lean mass matrix. I know there are probably other brands out there that come close but they either have 1) Not enough complex carbs (at least 40 grams), 2) Not enough protein (at least 40 grams), 3) Not enough calories (at least 400 in it’s raw form).

Here is a listing of Prolab’s lean mass matrix cinnamon oatmeal blend:

• Total Calories 390;
• Total Fat 8g;
• Saturated Fat 3g ;
• Cholesterol 60mg;
• Sodium 170mg;
• Potassium 810mg;
• Total Carbohydrates 40g;
• Dietary Fiber 4g;
• Sugars 5g;
• 2 grams glutamine;
• Protein 40g

Prolab’s lean mass matrix had just enough calories (400 calories), in it’s raw form and when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk, comes up to about 560 overall calories. This is just enough morning calories for me. The protein intake is about 40 grams and is made up of whey protein. I prefer whey protein first thing in the morning because I need a very fast acting protein source in order to start shuttling protein to my muscle cells. When I add 2 cups of skim milk, the protein goes up by 18 grams to about 58 grams of protein. This is more than enough for my purposes.

What drew me to Prolab’s lean mass matrix was the carbohydrates. There is 40 grams of carbohydrates in the mix made up mostly of complex carbs. The carb list is as follows:

• Barley;
• Oat flour; And
• Brown rice powder

This fits my bill perfectly. I’ve been looking for this kind of mix for awhile now, and until recently, supplement companies are starting to add these ingredients to the list.

Now, these kinds of ingredients have been used in the past but only in smaller amounts - Which is not what I’m looking for.

Maltodextrin has been the carb of choice when it comes to weight gainers and meal replacement powders. It’s a cheap carb source that has been promoted as a “complex” carb but really, it’s a processed form of corn.

By using a whole carbohydrate ingredient such as oat flour, the quality of the MRP (meal replacement powder), goes up considerably. It’s a little more expensive but well worth it.

In terms of taste, it’s good. Since it’s more of a breakfast flavour, it worked out great. It’s a little thick, but for my early morning protein shake, it worked out. In terms of it’s effectiveness, it feels great. I feel somewhat full after the drink and it lasts for a good hour and a half.

Like I said before, the supplement must have a very specific purpose for my use, and Prolab’s lean mass matrix cinnamon oatmeal fit’s the bill perfectly. If you’re looking for a true muscle building, morning meal replacement drink, you might want to give Prolab’s lean mass matrix a try.

At $46 retail, the price is a little more expensive than other Meal Replacements. However, you're paying for quality with this meal replacement so if you can afford it, give it a try.

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