3 Day On 3 Day Off Full Body Circuit Training Routine

This workout I find to be a great total body workout, it is easy and does not take all of your time, so you can get in and out quickly.

The advantages are time and convenience, because you grab a set of dumbells and use them for all of the excersises so you dont have to float around and wait for machines to open up, you’ll be suprised what a couple of even light dumbells can do to your frame. Enjoy.

Supplements: Pre-workout: Creatine, gakic, ripped fue l”definintion”

Post-workout: Creatine, whey protein, clean carbohydrate(ie fruit), Peanut butter.

Routine Type
3 Days On - 3 Days Off
Beginner - Intermediate
Fat Burning / Muscle Tone. Workout is fast and efficient
Beginners (with at least 2 months training) and all intermediates

Workout Schedule:

Circuit Routine
Circuit Routine
Circuit Routine

The Workout

Monday / Wednesday / Friday Circuit Routine

Sets / Reps
5 - 10 mins
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
3 x 12 reps
Notes: Do 3 circuits using 12 reps for each exercise. If you need to rest, no longer than 30 seconds. You must try and perform one exercise immediately after the other.


1 x 15 - 20 reps
1 x 15 - 20 reps
1 x 15 - 20 reps
1 x 15 - 20 reps
Notes: Abs workouts are 4 excersises at a nice slow controlled pace, usually do them no more than 3 times a week. 5 @ 15-20 reps. pick the ones you like, but be sure to switch them up. Ab workout is done after the circuit routine.


Note: I jump rope between each circuit for about two min or maybe 5 min, to keep my heart rate at optimal levels, but it should be close to peak already given the intensity of the workout.

My weekly diet:

6 meals a day (3 are small snacks)

– Protein at every meal 30g/meal

– one meal being a whey protein shake

– no greasy food at all, except for one day a week “exception day” hardly any heavy drinking;-)

– One a day vitamin

– Fish oil

– Flaxseed

And amino acids

Make sure to take your days of rest in between, your muscles need that time to regroup so you can go back and kick butt again.

Good Luck.

Routine submitted by Kyle

Blake Bissaillion

Blake has been weight lifting for about 28 years now. He's 45 years of age and started seriously training when he was 18 years old.

Blake is the founder of Building-Muscle101.com, a successful fitness website that has been around for more than 15 years.