Routine To Build A Bigger Chest

The following routine was submitted by John.

This workout is designed to be performed once per week from intermediate to advanced lifters to increase muscle.

Routine Type Chest Routine
Duration Ongoing - Performed once per week
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Purpose To build chest muscle mass
Target Those with under developed chests

Workout Schedule:

Monday Chest Workout

The Workout

Monday - Thrusday
  Exercise Sets And Reps
Warm up 5 to 10 minutes  
Exercise 1 - Superset between pec deck and the bench press. Perform first set of the bench press and immediately perform a set using the pec deck. Do this for all sets using the prescribed repetition scheme. Bench Press 1 x 20 reps warm up
1 x 5 reps using 70% of max
1 x 5 reps using 75% of max
1 x 4 reps using 85% of max
Pec Deck 1 x 20 reps warm up
1 x 8 reps
1 x 8 reps
1 x 8 reps
  Pull Over 1 x 12 reps
2 x 10 reps
Raise the bench 20-25 degrees. At the top of the movement make sure the sides of the dumbbells lightly touch each other. Incline Dumbbell Press 1 x 12 reps
2 x 8 reps
1 x 8 reps

Make sure the last set goes to failure.


The superset exercise is between pec deck and the bench press. You can also do the dumbell press or use a chest press machine, I prefer the machine so I can quickly adjust the weight. After you've completed a set on the bench press, you will superset 8 reps on pec-deck (heavy but not to failure).

Rest 3 minutes between sets.

To get the most out of this chest workout, make sure that you always take in alot of protein and carbs.

Good luck,

- Workout submitted by John M

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