How 74 Year Old John S Got Into His Best Shape

Here's how 74 year old John S gained over 20 pounds of solid muscle while dropping 30 pounds of fat  

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At 74 years of age, John S is in the best shape of his life. He's a strong as an ox and is built from head to toe. His golf buddies call him "The Animal" because of his ability to consistently drive golf balls in excess of 250 plus yards. He can bench press 250 plus pounds for 10 repetitions (Most 20 year olds have a hard time benching 185 pounds for one repetition!) and regularly squats 230 pounds for repetitions. On top of that, John can also do 40 non-stop push ups at a weight of 189 pounds.

John has managed to drop close to 30 pounds of fat and add just over 20 pounds of muscle to his body. In just 2 short years, he's transformed his soft and saggy body into a rock hard powerhouse.

In fact, his family and friends can't believe how he's managed to drastically change his appearance and attitude - Overnight!

How did John do it?

John first contacted me back in the fall of 2012. After reading his story, I was simply amazed (You can read about John's email here ).

Like most success stories, there is that one moment in time when one says “enough is enough”. For John, that moment happened in the spring of 2011. After looking in the mirror one night, he decided right then and there that he had to do something about his health and appearance. His body was soft, pudgy and saggy and in his own words “It was time to try and save the old body”. He knew he had to do something but like most in his situation, he wasn't sure what. This was the spark that got his internal engine running.

After doing a bit of research on the internet, John landed on the Building Muscle 101 website. After downloading the signature program “Get Big” John printed out the entire program including all the logs, goal sheets, and nutrition program. This program is completely free!! Click here to read more.

After reading the program and getting organized, John decided it was time to take action. He went to the grocery store and purchased all the foods outlined in the nutrition section of the program. He also went to the health food store and purchased some of the recommended supplements. It was time to make good on his promise!

The First Two Weeks Are Always the Hardest….

When John first started working out, he was very disappointed (Works out at the YMCA). He had a hard time pressing a measly 60 pounds on the bench press. He could barely do 3 push ups and couldn't perform some of the prescribed exercises because he was too weak (IE dips). For the first two weeks, John saw next to no improvement.

Discouraged and disappointed, John stayed the course because he knew it wouldn't be easy. Most in his situation would pack it all in and call it quits but not John. After making some minor adjustments to the program, he modified some of the exercises and soon started to see progress.

Here's a photo of John before he started.

Making good on the promise he made, he stuck to the nutrition and exercise program outlined in the “Get Big” guide.

Note* The Get Big program includes a free meal schedule complete with tasty and nutritious meals.

6 Months in…..

After following the Get Big program for 6 months, he managed to shed 26 pounds of unwanted weight. John went from a soft and pudgy 200 pounds to a trim and solid 170 lbs.

John religiously monitored his exercise program and food intake. Using the free journals in the Get Big program, he took note of everything he did. Using the logs, he adjusted exercises and food intake, while making sure he was constantly improving. Here's what he did to keep track:

•  Kept a note book log to record meals and what he ate everyday

•  Follow and update goals on a daily basis, which he reads everyday

•  Records meals and macro nutrition intake on a daily basis (totals calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat)

•  Records body weight on a daily basis

•  Records fat levels on a regular basis

•  Keep an exercise journal and updates on a daily basis (compares weight, repetitions, sets and notes improvements)

•  Took a photo of his “old” self and takes regular pictures to compare

Here's a sample of one of his daily meal schedule:
Meal Schedule
7:00 AM – Morning drink: Protein powder, yogurt and orange juice 37 grams 33 grams 3 grams 300
8:30 AM – 3 packs of oatmeal, 4 spoons egg whites, 1 glass of milk 35 grams 70 grams 6 grams 465
12:00 PM – Protein drink, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, two spoons of mayonnaise, 1 slice of ham 38 grams 34 grams 5 grams 613
6:00 PM – Protein powder, yogurt, and orange juice 37 grams 33 grams 3 grams 300
Total 164 grams 173 grams 20 grams 1718

Slowly but surely, John started to see progress. When he first started, he had a hard time pressing 60 lbs. Over time, he started to press 70 lbs. than 80 lbs. and after six months it was 100 lbs. for 5 repetitions. After 6 months in, his abs are showing nicely and his biceps measured close to 14” (rock hard). According to John, his friends, family and gym members were simply in disbelief by his transformation.

Here's the email John sent me 6 months after following the Get Big Program:


I have been using your program since June 1 st . I just happened to see that you have a new one. Let me say that to say that I am pleased would not begin to say it right. I made out a goal as you suggested. Had a picture taken (Yuk!) then I printed out all the pages and put them in a binder (Which I take to the YMCA daily).

The instructors and many of my friends there cannot believe that this old 74 years young man has changed so much in six short months. I started out at 196 lbs. and as of today I weight 171. But more than anything, my arms are ROCK HARD. When I started in June I could barely raise a 50 lb. barbell. Yesterday I pressed 100 lbs. for the first time and I did it for 5 repetitions. I have followed your nutrition guide faithfully.

I sincerely hope you see this email as I am thankful.


At last - VICTORY!!

Here are two of the latest emails I received from John (Dated February 17, 2013).

Email 1

“I started your program in Sept. 2011. I even sent you a picture. Ha! I was 73 years old then and could barely bench 70 lbs. I could only do three pushups and forget the dips.

Well, I stuck with your program to the letter and let persistence lead me on. Well two days ago I benched 250 lbs. 8 reps, rested one minute and did ten more. Rested one minute and did ten more. I can now do forty pushups without stopping and ten dips with no assistance. I dropped my weight from 197 to 170 by eating just what I should. However, I am now up to 189 but it's all muscle. I squat 230 with no sweat and do thirty sit-ups with no sweat. And by the way, I have added more than an inch to my biceps.

You have a wonderful program here and I have steered at least ten people to your site.

God bless you and thank you very much.

John S”

Email 2

“In fact I am getting ready to go to Office Depot in a while and print out your new guide ( I have been using the older one) completely (all 90 pages). I have a binder with the older version that I take to the YMCA. I then follow the instructions for the day and log in my results. I start each day with a morning shake followed by oatmeal then a shake prior to my workout.

Lots of water during the workout followed by an after workout protein shake. I give myself a treat (as you said we can) once a week - Usually Mexican food. I like soft chicken tacos. I eat lots of turkey and chicken during the weeks. I play golf four days a week (weather permitting) and while playing drink water and snack on walnuts. Right now I am at 18% body fat. But I was 22% when I started the program. I should be down to 14% by the end of the year easily.

Some of my golfing buddies call me the "animal" when this old man hits his drives. (Which are normally 250 yards).

Yes Blake I could not be more satisfied. My sincere thanks to you for a wonderful workout routine.

John S

After reading this email, my jaw literally dropped. I simply couldn't believe it. To make that kind of progress in that period of time is amazing but at 74 years of age, it is quite literally, unbelievable. Today, John is solid, in shape and sports no pot belly whatsoever!

John has managed to bring his body weight up to a solid 189 lbs while losing body fat!

Here's a recent photo of John.

Let's put his lifts into perspective. John can perform 250 lbs. in the bench press for 10 repetitions. If I've done my calculations right, this translates to about a 300 lb. one repetition maximum! John can also perform 230 pounds in the squat for repetitions. Assuming he can perform 8 unassisted repetitions, this translates into roughly a 290 pound one repetition maximum.

I don't care what anybody says, those lifts are impressive at any age!

Here's a recent photo of John performing the smith machine bench press with 240 lbs.

I've trained at quite a few gyms across Canada and I have never seen a 74 year old put 240 pounds on the bench press, let alone try and attempt it (regardless if its a smith machine).

These are awesome feats of strength at any age, but at 74 years of age, quite incredible.

* Take action now! Download the FREE 90 page Get Big program today!

The Reward…

The rewards for John's hard work are many. He has reduced his risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. His body is strong and nimble (reducing bodily injury that comes with age) and able to consistently hit golf drives over 250 yards (Regardless of age, how many golfers can say that!).

Not to mention the stares he gets from both sexes. One of the pleasant side effects from building a powerful and muscular body is the instant respect you receive from everyone around you. Guys will simply nod and give you more space while women will look you up and down - A definite confidence booster!

Gaining quality muscle mass is possible at any age. John is living proof of this and if you have the right motivation and discipline, you can do it.

Here are Johns physical accomplishments:

Age: 74
Weight 196 lbs 189 lbs
Body Fat 23% 18%
Bench Press 70 lbs. x 1 repetition 250 lbs. x 10 repetitions
Squat N/A 230 lbs. for repetitions
Push Ups 3 reps body weight 40 non stop
Sit Ups unable to perform 30 non stop
Dips unable to perform 10 easy and unassisted repetitions

What exactly is the secret to Johns amazing transformation?

To say that John has a secret to his magnificent transformation is wrong. When you get right down to it, there is no secret.

To truly find success, it all boils down to what I like to call your personal “Wake up call” . This is a particular point in one's life when they take a good hard look at themselves and decide right then and there that something has got to change. For John, it was looking in the mirror and coming to the conclusion that he had to “save his old body”.

If this reason is strong enough, you will find a way to perceiver.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's for health, business, or family reasons, if you have the will and motivation to change (and more importantly, succeed) you will take action. Once you've decided to change, the next step is to plan (organize) and do it!

For John, he found the right resource and followed the program to the tee. Of course, he had to organize his schedule, do the grocery shopping, plan, monitor and perform the exercises, but once he had the correct blueprint to follow, the process was a lot LESS confusing. Believe me, taking the confusion out of building muscle is half the battle!

There is no secret to building the body of your dreams. I can lay it down in the following steps:

•  Find your own personal motivation (Wake-up call)

•  Find the right resource to use (Must be for your goals – IE fat loss, fitness, or muscle building)

•  Organize and plan (including logs and goal sheets). Update on a daily basis

•  Take action and do it (get your ass to the gym and follow the program)

•  Ensure you are constantly making progress in the gym (making workout to workout improvements)

•  Follow an organized nutrition plan (monitor and adjust)

•  Get plenty of rest

•  Monitor, test and adjust those aspects of your program that need tweaking

•  Repeat

If you have the right resource to follow and the will to succeed, it's only a matter of time before you reach your goals – Simple as that.

John is a perfect example. Now he is reaping the benefits of making good on his promise and is stronger and healthier than he's ever been.

What's so great about the Get Big program?

When I put the Get Big program together, it was built around my personal experience. There are no magic workouts or dietary secrets; it's based around tried and tested weight training principles and sound nutrition.

The program is designed to build a strong, healthy, and muscular body. It's a 12 week strength building program that outlines;

•  What and when you should be eating (includes menu plan)

•  How and when you should be working out (includes full program plus illustrations)

•  Types of supplements to use (comes with a supplement schedule - Optional)

•  Rest schedules

•  Free meal journals

•  Free exercise journals

•  Goal planner

•  Measurement journal

There are no outrageous promises or unrealistic expectations; you get exactly what you put into the program. If you give 50% effort, you will get 50% results - Put in a 100% effort and you'll get 100% results – Simple as that. I can't promise you the same results as John but if you give it enough time and effort, you will grow.

If you're looking for a FREE 90 day strength and muscle building program, this one's for you. Take action today and start enjoying the benefits of having a strong, healthy and muscular body!

Click Here to get started today.

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