Is This The Right Body Weight For My Height?

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I'm 23 yrs old, 5' 9" and working out from last 4 ½ yrs. At 18, I was 57kgs (125 pounds) when I first started working out, I gained 10kgs (22 pounds) and my body weight went up to 65kgs of lean muscular weight.

I was then was stuck at 65 - 66 kilos for 2 yrs and couldn't get past that mark because of not adding more to my diet and intensifying my work out more.

Now by adding to my diet and intensifying my work out a bit and I have gained 4kgs of muscular weight in last 4 months. Now at 69kgs, my biceps are 14", chest 39" and waist 32 ½”.

At 57kgs, my biceps were 11", chest 34" and waist 28". The difference between my chest and waist then was 6" then and even now that difference is still 6 - 6 ½”.

Have I gained proper muscle size on my body? I mean is my body size correct according to 69kgs (152 pounds)?

- Submitted by Kanu


Hi Kanu,

I think the first thing you have to ask yourself is if that is the weight you want to be at. Are you happy with your current measurements and the look of your body?

This is the only way you can tell if your happy with what you have.

I can say that sure, your arms a little small and you can add another 10 to 15 pounds but I don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

Are you training for a specific sport, are you trying to add a little more size, are you trying to build a lot more muscle, or are you just trying to get into better physical condition.

From a health perspective, you should be at one of the following weights according to your height of 5' 9":

• Small Frame - 142 pounds to 151 pounds;
• Medium Frame - 148 pounds to 160 pounds;
• Large Frame - 155 pounds to 176 pounds.

I'm going to assume you're a small to medium frame person based on the measurements you've provided. Well, if your looking at your weight from a health perspective, you seem to be where you should be.

However, if you're looking to build muscle and power and want to gain weight, you need to look at your weight training program differently.

To build more muscle and gain weight, please see the following page:

How To Gain Weight

The more muscular you are, the more you're going to weight. Just remember to monitor your bodyfat percentage and blood pressure. Ideally, your blood pressure should be under 125 / 80 but not under 90 / 60. Generally, bodyfat/bodyweight go hand in hand with blood pressure. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and you should be fine. I recommend you go to your local walmart once a week to take your blood pressure (it's in the pharmacy section).

This is all I can say based on the information you provided.

I hope this helps,


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