Day 5 - Friday Shoulders/Biceps And Triceps

To view the workout for day 5, please click play in the above weight training video.

Day 5 is the third, and last part of the workout cycle and will work the shoulders, and arms. The routine is divided into three parts, the first muscle group that will be trained will be the shoulders, followed by the biceps and triceps.

By now, your body should be well rested from the previous workout, which was on Wednesday.

Before starting any exercise routine, it is very important that you warm up first. This doesn't have to be anything too difficult because all you want to do is get your heart rate going and kick start the blood flow. I suggest using some sort of aerobic exercise equipment such as the exercise bike or treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes. If you don't have access to this kind of equipment, try using a jump rope or run on the spot.


Seated dumbbell press

Warm up: 1 x 15 - 20 repetitions
2 x 12 repetitions

Side dumbbell laterals

2 x 12 repetitions


Standing barbell curls

Warm up: 1 x 15 - 20 repetitions
2 x 12 repetitions

Preacher curls

2 x 12 repetitions


Standing triceps push downs

Warm up: 1 x 15 repetitions
2 x 12 repetitions

Close grip bench press

2 x 12 repetitions

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