Testosterone Releasing Exercises That You Must Do!

Did you know that certain exercises can actually promote a huge increase in natural testosterone in your body? This is a huge advantage because the more natural testosterone you have in your body, the more muscle you can possibly build. Imagine that! Exercises that promote huge increases in natural testosterone.

But how does this happen?

We all know that testosterone promotes muscle growth. We also know that testosterone plays a major role in the maintenance of muscle. Testosterone is that wonderful hormone that stimulates increased muscle mass by helping to promote the build up of muscle tissue.

You see, the filaments within the muscle fibre that do most of the contracting are proteins called actic and myosin. Like all proteins, they contain nitrogen, which comes from the foods that we eat. By increasing the retention of nitrogen in the body, testosterone enhances protein synthesis and helps to ensure a positive nitrogen balance. We all know what this means...Muscle Growth!

Alright, what does exercises have to do with the natural production of testosterone in the body? Scientists have know for many years that exercise stimulates the release of testosterone into the blood stream. However, until recently, research had been done on certain exercises to see which ones produced the optimal hormonal response.

The studies were performed by Kraemer, Fahey, Hakkinen, and others have shown that a significant amount of testosterone is released when exercises involving large muscle groups are performed. What sort of exercises? Power lifting style exercises such as the dead lift, squat, and power cleans to be exact. Basically, these types of exercises stimulate testosterone production because a critical mass of the body's muscles is forced to contribute to the completion of the lift.

Power lifters have know this for ages. I mean, these exercises have all been the cornerstone of any mass building program. Walk into any gym and take a look at what the big dudes are doing. Chances are they will all start their routines with one of these exercises. These studies prove one thing, that these exercises work and it is something that we have known all along.

What about other exercises such as the bench press and cable movements? Studies have shown the bench press does not produce a similar hormone response release like other power lifting style movements.

Why? Because the body is in a stationary position on the bench and doesn't quite reach a critical level that's required for the release of natural testosterone. Really, the bench press is not a hard exercise to do. It's actually fun to do and one everyone enjoys doing. Take a look around your gym and you'll see guys lined up to do the bench press. Take a look at the squat rack and chances are it will be empty, collecting cob webs from lack of use.

According to Dr. William Kraemaer, Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University. “The larger muscle mass involved in the squat and dead lift increase the metabolic demands on the body to a critical level which stimulates an endocrine response. The body recognizes that there is a need to repair itself after the exercise stress, so it produces testosterone and other hormones to carry out the task.

Additional training adaptations are triggered as well, including up-regulation of various receptors and enhanced protein synthesis. Exercises that do not place such a metabolic demand on the body do not produce the same series of events.”

Conclusion? If you want to grow and get big, you must, without a question, do testosterone releasing exercises into your program. If you're not adding the squat and dead lift to your weight training program, I strongly recommend that you do.

Also, you have to remember that simply showing up to the gym and doing some light squats and dead lifts is not enough. In order to get the most from these exercises, your going to have to work hard and start piling on the weight.

I recommend that you assure that your whole body is fully recuperated before doing these exercises. You have to fully prepare your body for these heavy lifts so try and take one days rest before you do these exercises.

The inclusion of these two exercises in your workout will stimulate some major muscle gains. The greatest testosterone release is achieved when you start lifting heavy and in good form. If you can do this, you're on your way to major muscle growth.

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