Using an exercise bike

Here are some tips on using your exercise bike;

Tip #1

Make sure you have good rhythm while your exercising. Your peddling speed is affected by the amount of resistance that you set. If the resistance is too great, you'll quickly lose momentum and stamina as you try and power the next turn.

If the resistance is too slack, you'll be pushing and pulling on the handlebars. The resistance should be set to allow you to keep a good rhythm where the strokes are smooth and measured.

Think of peddling as walking. The strokes should be natural with a consistent tempo.

Tip #2

Get used to the exercise bike before going all out. When you're first starting out, it's very important to let your legs and heart get used to the pace of the exercise. Try and workout for a longer period of time than expending bursts of energy.

This will give your body time to adjust to your workouts. As you progress, you'll be able to increase your exercising intensity.

Tip #3

Vary the resistance. By varying the resistance, you can adjust the amount of exercise intensity.

Tip #4

Try increasing the intensity. Try this when you feel comfortable and ready. Use bursts of energy every once in a while at a higher level of intensity. I suggest using the last couple of minutes at higher levels of intensity and for the very last minute, back off and lower the intensity and cool off.

Tip #5

Adjust the seat. When the pedal is at the lowest position, your leg should almost be straight. When the pedal is at it's highest position, your knees shouldn't feel crunched

Tip #6

Make sure the exercise bike is sturdy. Avoid a wobbly bike.

Tip #7

Set the handle bars correctly. You should be able to hold the handle bars at shoulder level. You should never feel that you have to shift and squirm to get into position

Tip #8

Make sure you adjust the peddle straps for maximum comfort

Tip #9

Always peddle with the balls of your feet. Otherwise, if you peddle with your toes, you might wind up with some pretty cramped up calf muscles

Tip #9

Always keep you back straight. If you hunch over, you risk back and neck pain

Tip #10

I'm not gonna lie to you. Exercise cycling can be boring for some people. Try setting your bike in front of a T.V. If you're at the gym, read your favourite magazine

Tip #11

You shouldn't have to strain, or use the standing position to get the bike going. Lighten the resistance if you have to grunt and groan just to get the exercises bike moving

Exercise bikes are pretty easy to use. You simply park your butt on the seat, plant your feet on the pedals and off you go.

Exercise bikes come in all different shapes sizes and features. Whether you choose a recumbent or upright exercise bike is up to you.

All the best,


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