How To Do Standing Torso Twists

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This exercise is all about the mind/ab connection. You really have to concentrate on “feeling” the abs work on this exercise to get the most benefit from it.

It may not feel like your doing hard work for your abs but if you can do this exercise properly, it can pay huge dividends. You have to remember to concentrate on feeling your abdominals when doing this exercise, this is the trick.

Let's get into position for this exercise. First, your going to have to use a light bar like a broom stick to perform this exercise.

Place your feet about 2 feet apart, with your arms over a light bar like a broom handle. Allow the bar to rest on your shoulders.

Start the actual motion by tightening the central part of your abdominal muscles. Pulling first, the right side of the abs, deliberately swing your shoulders and arms to the right.

Hold the position there while you once more tighten the abdominal muscle. Slowly release to return to the forward facing position. Move to the left using the left side of the abs.

Remember, the entire motion should be slow and with no bounce at the end. Remember, keep you head straight and always looking forward. Don't look anywhere but straight ahead.

For the rest periods, you want to ensure that your muscle is recovered before attempting another set. Generally, a 25 to 35 second rest will suffice.

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