Building Muscle 101 Newsletter #16 - First Part - November - How To Build Lean Muscle


1. The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review;

2. Powerful Pec Video;

3. Lean Mass Matrix Review;

4. Leg Workout For Mass;

5. Muscle Building Food


The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

This book is probably one of the hottest fat loss book on the internet right now. With all of it's popularity, I decided to see what all the fuss was about so I purchased the book and did a quick review. Is it worth the money? Find out in this review.

Check out this review here.


Powerful Pec Video

Sean from “Muscle Gain Truth” sent me over this cool video about how to build big pecs. I’ve checked it out and it’s something that I’m sure you’ll love. If you want to build a big, powerful chest, than your going to have to see this video.

Sorry folks, this video has been taken down.


Lean Mass Matix Cinnamon Oatmeal Review

For this months supplement review, I decided to do a meal replacement powder review. The MRP (meal replacement powder) I choose to use was Prolab’s Lean Mass Matrix. Prolab usually has some pretty solid products and based on what I’ve been hearing around the muscle boards, this MRP is supposed to be the tops.

Is this MRP something that can be used to build muscle? What makes this MRP different?

Find out more here:

Lean Mass Matrix Cinnamon Oatmeal Review

Leg Workout

For those of you who have tooth picks for legs, this workout is for you. I have to warn you though, this workout is not meant for the uncommitted. This workout will help add slabs of beef to your thighs and hamstrings, only if your willing to put 100% effort into your training.

Find out more here:

Leg Workout

Foods That Help Pack On The Beef

If your serious about building muscle, you need to know what your putting into your body. You need to be eating protein packed foods that do one thing, build power and muscle. Here is a quick list of foods that build muscle.

Muscle Building Foods

Well, that's it for this issue. Stay tuned because I have a ton of information that you can use to help you build a strong and powerful body.

All the best,


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