“How You Can Greatly Improve Your Muscle Gains In A Matter Of Weeks”

This past Friday, I was golfing with a couple of buddies of mine when one of them said something very interesting to me. He said that whenever he plays with someone much better than him, he always plays better. In fact, his game always improves, drastically when he plays with someone better. This really got me thinking.

I started to think about what my buddy said and immediately thought about my early hocky playing days. Whenever I played with someone better, my game improved dramatically.

Everything improved, including my skating, shooting, and energy levels. However, as soon as I played with someone that wasn’t as good as I was, my playing suffered. I stopped trying and didn’t challenge myself to improve, because there wasn’t any need to.

Fast forward to my body building days and this same phenomenon stays true. Early on in my body building career, I had a chance to train with a very well established body builder.

This guy was big, strong and in shape. This guy really pushed me and in order for me to keep up with this guy, I had to improve everything, including my strength, endurance, and motivation. I’ll be very honest with you. I’ve never, ever made the kind of gains I did when I trained with that guy than I ever did with any other weight training program. My strength gains skyrocketed!

You see, prior to that, I was training with my school buddies and they weren’t all that strong. We were all stuck in the same phase and we weren’t making any strength gains at all. As soon as I stopped training with these guys and started training with this body builder, I improved almost immediately. In fact, this guy changed the way I looked at weight training and I’ve never looked back.

Now, I ask this question, “Do you really want to get stronger and build more muscle mass?” If so, here’s what I suggest. Ask someone who is bigger and stronger than you are if you can train with them. They might say yes and if they do, that’s great.

Even if you can’t find anyone, try going to the gym when all the big, strong dudes train. Just being around these guys will do wonders for your strength and muscle gains. Don’t be intimidated because trust me, their intensity will rub off on you and you’ll soon be lifting more weight and training harder.

Also remember, if you train with guys who goof off, aren't committed, and who really don't share the same ambition as you do, it's only a matter of time before you start to do the same.

The lesson is simple. Surround yourself around positive and committed people. Do this and sooner or later, you'll start to think, act, and train like a champion.

Remember, always strive to improve and get around people who are positive and you’ll start to gain muscle size and strength.

All the best,


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